Workflow – Operating On iOS Like Never Before

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Your iOS device is quite capable thanks to all of the various utilities in the App Store. Workflow is a brand new utility that just may be the most powerful yet by offloading your workload to automation. Automation is a tool that is usually reserved for computers, and Apple’s own iOS limitations have had something to do with that. iOS 8 introduces new tools, and the developers of Workflow have taken full advantage to truly deliver automation on iOS. There are over 100 actions included to let your iOS device perform tasks with just a couple of taps.
The app’s tagline is, “Powerful Automation Made Simple”, and it’s nice to claim that, but much tougher to actually deliver. We can confirm that Workflow does deliver on its promise, as the set-up couldn’t be easier to let you get menial iOS tasks done in an instant. You can set-up workflows to get directions to an upcoming meeting, send a message of your ETA to home, tweet what you’re listening to, post a full note to Evernote, and so much more. There’s a gallery of pre-made actions to get you up, and running with some valuable autonomous tasks. That’s just scratching the surface, as you can create your own with a whole arsenal of potential actions to customize into your iOS workflow. It’s quite extraordinary just what you’re capable of in Workflow with many tasks seemingly impossible to be autonomous on iOS before the Workflow app appeared.

Creating a new workflow is as simple as sifting through the list of potential actions, and then dragging one to the right. Each action you add opens up a new subset of potential actions to also drag in for detailed automation. The more specifics that you add, the more pertinent tasks you can accomplish with just a couple of taps. The most powerful utilities tie into the share sheet allowing you to run the autonomous action whenever you have access to the share sheet to set up very specific workflows for particular Apple stock apps, or third party apps.
The more you look into what Workflow can accomplish, the more there is to appreciate. Even with all of the potential functions, it all comes down to dragging functions, and tapping to activate making it so effortless, which is what autonomy should be. There are also neat discovery functions as you browse through the list of action to come up with all new workflows you would’’t have thought of otherwise. After just the first couple workflows you activate, you will be hooked on just how seamless the integration is, and how much quicker you can accomplish some iOS tasks now.

Workflow ($2.99, Universal) is one of the most valuable apps on iOS that is an absolute must have to literally change the way you will use your device.

$2.99, Universal


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