World of Warriors: Quest – Turning Into A Strategy Game On iOS

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Accessible turn based strategy | Nice challenge | Quality theme and design

A little light on strategy | Level challenges blend together a bit

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World of Warriors launched last November delivering an Infinity Blade style combat game, but with a cartoon style, wide cast of characters, and more tapping sequences. Now, there’s World of Warriors: Quest, which provides a similar style and cast of characters, but with an all new turn based RPG set-up. You set out with a band of three characters, and face waves of enemies that require teamwork to defeat. Each one of your characters has different strengths and weaknesses, and you need to use these aspects to your advantage as most waves include twice as many enemies as your team.
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On each turn, you have three moves that can be used to move or attack for any of your three characters. Every move is quite important, since you’re always outnumbered, and you need your characters to last through multiple waves in one level. There’s the inherent strategy of positioning your players, using range attacks or close encounters, and applying timely boosts. World of Warriors: Quest also includes nice pacing with each level moving along nicely as you have a limited timer to perform all three of your moves, and the enemies step to it quickly. The game also features an expansive world to explore and battle in, and the game just includes chapter one at launch, and it’s already quite large.

World of Warriors: Quest is definitely on the challenging side with numerous and difficult enemies to face across multiple waves. With that said, it’s still quite accessible for a genre that is normally filled with complexities. The scope of the gameplay isn’t that complex, and strategy isn’t the most involved, so your characters will likely take their fair share of damage. It’s still an entertaining turn based RPG that really emphasizes maximizing each one of your turns. There’s a whole lot to play through, and it’s easy to go from level to level with the increasing challenge. Surprisingly, the game is free to play without any in-app purchases, allowing you to fully enjoy all that’s included without energy meters, multiple in game currency, or even ads. In fact, World of Warriors: Quest feels a little like an ad for the main World of Warriors, but it’s not watered down or limited in any way.

World of Warriors: Quest (Free, Universal) delivers an entertaining turn based RPG that is well worth picking up for a nice balance of accessibility and challenge.

Free, Universal


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