World Zombination – Unleashing A Horde Of Play Time

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Tons to play through | Can switch sides at will | Play single player or online

The freemium model can get in the way | Not the most strategic challenge


A zombie apocalypse is a popular setting these days, and it’s the basis of the new iOS game World Zombination. The game has been a long time coming with previews last March, and a soft launch period since May. Now, it’s finally out to deliver a massively multiplayer online game where you get to pick to play as survivors or zombies. The core mechanic revolves around strategy, and yet there are two unique mechanics depending on which side you choose. The best part is that you can set up two unique campaigns to play as both sides as long as you create an account in the game.
When you’re playing on the survivor side, you drag in units to predefined points to try to defend against the zombie horde until there are no zombies left. On the flip side, when you play as the zombies, your goal is to overwhelm the survivors, and destroy pre-marked facilities. Either way, the game is about properly positioning your units to overwhelm the other side. The zombie portion of the game is definitely more engaging with a Clash of Clans style set-up, as you tap and hold to unleash the zombies in strategic locations. As the zombie horde is moving along, you can drag in special units to upgrade particular zombies to make your attack that much more powerful.

There’s a whole lot going on in World Zombination as not only do you get two sides to play as, but there are also two ways to play. You can choose to play through the over 50 single player campaign missions, or jump right into a match against another online player. In the online match-ups, one player gets the survivors, and the other gets the zombies with both trying to overwhelm the other. There are also guilds to join to get vengeance for defeats from allies. The two modes apply to both sides, so you can effectively have four different modes to play by switching sides, and progressing through both campaigns individually. As you play the single player missions, you will unlock new map locations to play online with others, and try to shoot up the leaderboards.
The zombie side of things is definitely more enjoyable, but regardless of which side you play as, it’s easy to appreciate the high quality 3D design. That includes the scope of the game with the ability to spawn so many zombies at once, and then watch them take their toll on the environment. World Zombination is free to play with three different in-game currencies to contend with, as well as upgrades, level energy, and unit stamina. It’s all quite convoluted, and the unit stamina probably gets in the way the most, as your special units need time to recharge, and you have to have a certain number of specials to play a given level. To counteract the wait times, you can switch sides, so say for instance you’re waiting for your zombies to recharge, you can then play as the survivors in the mean time. The wait times do start to increase, and there are three unique sets of currencies for both sides of the game. No matter the side, the currency, or style you play, the strategy base is compelling enough to keep you coming back, though we wish there was more challenge involved.

World Zombination (Free, Universal) is a deluxe creation with a whole lot to go through that is worth your time for all that you can play. L

Free, Universal


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