Worm Run – Endlessly Swiping To Escape A Massive Worm

2.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2/5
Design: 2.5/5
Duration: 2/5

Randomly generated maps | Neat theme | High quality visuals

Controls don't allow for precision | No flow to the gameplay | A grind to earn power-ups

When there’s a humongous worm chasing you, what do you do? Run! At least that’s the case in Worm Run, where you play as Zeke running through caves, temples, space ships, and more. The game is a 2D side scrolling endless runner that has platformer elements with complex labyrinths to maneuver through in every direction. There’s nothing like trying to escape a well designed massive worm, and it’s surprising how pervasive big worms have become whether it’s Death Worm or Super Mega Worm on iOS or the movie Tremors.

The best part of Worm Run is that there are randomly generated maps so you never face the same run twice. Unlike other endless runners that have your character running automatically on a flat surface, you control all of your characters movements as you jump over columns, dive down shafts, and propel yourself through rocky corridors. There are also special power-ups to unlock with the gems you collect, and the drills, bombs, and worm tonic all work very well, but are a relatively expensive use of in-game currency in relation to how much you earn.

The most unique aspect of the game is the swipe control scheme which has iOS in mind, and doesn’t rely on virtual controls. You simply swipe in whatever direction you want to move, but while the controls are new they’re not necessarily good. The main problem is that they don’t allow for precision which is absolutely necessary when you’re trying to maneuver through tight stretches with the worm right on your heels. In fact, the controls can cause numerous stumbles, and can lead to getting eaten. Another problem with the game is that it’s just not set-up for a smooth flow which makes the entire experience feel tedious. The game is also lacking any type of objectives for replayability which have become almost standard for the genre.

Worm Run ($0.99, Universal) looks promising on the surface, but the deeper you dive, the more unwanted aspects you discover. While there are some nice elements, there are too many problems to recommend Worm Run, making it one you can skip.


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2 Comments on "Worm Run – Endlessly Swiping To Escape A Massive Worm"

  1. Wow February 22, 2013 at 3:04 PM -

    Wow, seriously? This game is much better than a 2.

    • Trevor Sheridan February 22, 2013 at 7:30 PM -

      Another endless game with poor controls, subpar level design, very repetitive nature, and grind based power-ups is better than a 2?

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