Wraithborne – Pounding Out A Deluxe iOS Adventure

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Great continuous combat | Smooth touch controls | Gorgeous design

Slow movement of character | Path forward isn't always clear

Infinity Blade Dungeons is delayed until next year, Bastion has been out for awhile, but if you want a new game in that ilk, Wraithborne is here. It’s a 3D hack and slash that delivers an overload of enemies to defeat with a giant hammer. The action RPG style is powered by the Unreal Engine for exquisite destruction of goblines, werewolves, and the magical wraiths. Wraithborne also has magic at his disposal, and the game has an innovative way to cast magical spells by incorporating gestures.

You activate the spell at the top right, and then draw in the shape to perform devastating attacks. The game is all about action, and it ties to Bastion nicely, which is always a good thing. The storyline is nice and intriguing to give reasons for bashing in skulls with your hammer, and there’s a nice adventure to battle through. The environments are quite intricate, and you travel to all kinds of regions for a very expansive journey with hours of gameplay.

The Unreal powered 3D design is gorgeous, and it’s especially noticeable in the absolutely beautiful environments with so much detail to the plants, rocks, and wood that is at a detail level rarely seen on iOS. The character animations aren’t the best, but it’s nice to see the heavy attacks cause enemies to truly fly through the air. The controls are also nicely designed whether you go with the virtual controls or touch interface, and it really makes all of the action manageable. The one thing that could be improved the overall pace of your character. Wraithborne really nails the gaming elements across the board for an action packed treat that is very well suited for iOS.

Wraithborne ($2.99, Universal) is a should buy that delivers an engaging adventure with beautifully designed touch combat.


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