Writer Rumble – Authoring An Online Beatdown With Words

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Fast paced online battled | Familiar word game style | Nice varied writer power-ups

Relatively rudimentary & repetitive | Takes awhile to get connected

It’s amazing to see the journey from humble beginnings to full app release in the App Store, and that’s particularly true for Writer Rumble. We first saw the game back in 2010, and now two years later it’s finally available in the App Store thanks to Gamefly, the video game rental company. It seems Gamefly just launched its first iOS game as a publisher which is an interesting move in its own right. As far as Writer Rumble is concerned it’s another word game for iOS, and the platform seems like a perfect home for online based word games in particular.

Earlier, we reviewed Word Derby, and Writer Rumble came out the same day, but with a different style. Word Derby provides asynchronous turned based gameplay for slower pacing, while Writer Rumble is a fast paced action game where you play head to head in real time. The game is a bit like Street Fighter, but you use words instead of fists, so in this case words rank right up there with sticks and stones in terms of breaking your opponent’s bones. The game is set-up like Boggle as you’re frantically trying to create words as fast as possible as each word damages your enemy, and they’re aiming for the same goal.

The interface is reminiscent of Bookworm, Wurdle, Welder, and SpellTower as you drag your finger across consecutive letters to form your words. The interface is nice, and responsive although it degrades if your opponent has a slow internet connection. It also does take awhile to get connected. The online battles are great challenges as you duel with words, and there’s also a single player survival mode where you simply face monsters. The highlight of Writer Rumble is that you have six literary legends to play as: Edgar Allen Poe, Jane Austen, Agatha Christie, The Grimm Brothers, Homer, and H.P. Lovecraft. Each author has three unique special abilities including double damage, letter scramble, health boost, and opponent obstacles.

Writer Rumble offers fast paced fun that is really unlike anything else in the App Store.
There’s so much pressure on creating words as you face the onslaught of opponent’s words. The power-ups are quite essential for success, and it’s nice to have various choices for the various authors included. After you play a few matches, the game does become relatively repetitive, because the base word game is somewhat rudimentary with a five by five grid with words limited by letter connections. The game could use some variations with online play, but it’s still plenty enjoyable.

Writer Rumble ($0.99, Universal) provides online action, and a challenging word game in one making it a should buy.


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