X is for X-Ray – An Inside Look At Everyday Objects

2.0 Overall Score
Usability: 3/5
Design: 2.5/5
Length: 1/5

Smooth interface | Neat X-ray idea and view

Lacks any kind of depth | Very basic x-ray view | Some pointless objects

App Info

APP NAME: X is for X-Ray

DEVELOPER(S): Touch Press

PLATFORM(S): Books, Reference

RELEASE DATE(S): December 1st, 2011

There’s a lot of great work being done by developers turning coffee table books, and other book material into interactive apps. Touch Press has done an especially great job with March of the Dinosaurs, The Elements, Solar System, and The Waste Land. X is for X-Ray is their newest effort which presents you with 26 objects with one for each letter of the alphabet. This app in particular is made with kids in mind with the alphabet association, rhyming intros for each object, and intuitive nature.

When you tap on any of the 26 objects, you get the full page with the item on the right, and rhyming intro on the left. You can also tap to see a detailed description of the object which feels more like an encyclopedia page compared to the rhyming intro. You can swipe down on the object itself to reveal the X-ray view, and see the internals of an engine, lamp, and toaster among other things. It’s really neat revealing the intricacies of everyday objects, and seeing what exactly makes them go. There’s also the ability to pinch to zoom, and unveil stereoscopic 3D mode.

X is for X-Ray ($7.99, iPad / $2.99, iPhone) is rather simplistic, especially compared to the standard the developers have created in their other apps. The main problem is that it doesn’t take long to see all 26 items, and some of the items are rather pointless to see the insides of like piggybank, teddybear, nuts, and umbrella. Also, the X-Ray view isn’t that revealing because pinch to zoom just blows up the image and makes it fuzzy. There’s no indicators of any of the internals of these objects, so you don’t really no what you’re looking at or what it does.

X is for X-Ray is not worth it as there just isn’t much to it at all, and you’re simply left wanting more.


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