Yet It Moves – Puzzle Platformer Makes A Move On To iOS

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Great rotation mechanic | Innovative platformer gameplay | Emphasizes puzzles

Jump is a bit hard to activate | Rotation is activate accidentally sometimes


It takes quite a bit of imagination to come up with a new idea for a platformer. Yet It Moves definitely offers up imagination delivering a platformer that revolves around spinning gravity in a world made of paper. It’s not necessarily new as it was released awhile back on other platforms, but it is new on iOS. The goal in every level is to spin the world 360 degrees in an attempt to create the proper path forward to the exit. You have the familiar run, and jump abilities, but they only get you so far, as each level is designed with rotation in mind.
There are 22 levels spread across four worlds, as well as a daily challenge mode for a time based run. Yet It Moves is a puzzle platformer to be sure as it emphasizes the physics puzzle aspects of dealing with gravity, momentum, and landing forces. You need to constantly be cognizant of your character’s momentum as you rotate the world, and send the character into a free fall. If the character has too much momentum he will blow apart, so you need to balance falling through stretches, but not falling too far. Each new levels introduces a unique set of challenges that emphasize rotation as you need to get on the complete other side of a platform, guide a banana to a monkey, or ride a swing across a gap.

Yet It Moves features a smooth difficulty curve that keeps the challenge up throughout, so that nothing feels too repetitive. You’re always faced with flipping at new angles to rotate the world properly, and it’s simply fun to see how the world can take multiple forms based on the degree of rotation. It’s the type of game that once you get started, you will want to complete all that it has to offer as you need to think as well as act to progress through each new level. The iOS version features a touch control scheme that is relatively smooth as you tap either side of the screen to move, tap while running to jump, and then drag to rotate the world. There are occasions where the jump doesn’t work when you want it to, or you activate world rotation by accident, but that’s only at the beginning. After a couple of levels, you will have the system down pat to expertly rotate while moving forward to flow through the colorful paper collage worlds.

Yet It Moves ($2.99, Universal) is a finely crafted physics puzzle challenge that improves iOS just by being available making it a must have gaming experience.

$2.99, Universal


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