You Must Build A Boat – Ten Million Reasons To Try It

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Fun action based matching | Great overall structure and flow | Extremely engaging

Each run has some repetitive tendencies | Some portions can be a bit of a grind

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Way back in 2012 a little title hit the App Store by the name of 10000000, and it provided a puzzle based endless adventure game. 10000000 provides a familiar match three, and fashions it into a dungeon crawler in which each match helps you defeat enemies, open treasure chests, and simply advance through the dungeon for as long as you can. You Must Build A Boat is the brand new sequel that maintains the core concepts of 10000000, and builds upon it in numerous ways. You still get to make matches to defeat enemies, and try to last as long as you can, but now there’s an overarching adventure.
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You Must Build A Boat lets you slide columns and rows to make matches with all of the potential tiles at the bottom of the screen with your character and obstacles at the top of the screen. Your goal is to match specific tiles based on the obstacle that you’re facing as you need swords and magical staffs for monsters, but keys for treasure chests. The ultimate challenge arises in that there’s a time component, and every second you’re not getting past an obstacle, you’re closer to being pushed off screen, which ends your run. What really makes You Must Build A Boat stand out is that every run contributes to advancing the storyline.

There’s a constant supply of quests in You Must Build A Boat to give more meaning than just endlessly surviving in the puzzle adventure. As you complete quests, you get to travel to new locations and unlock new shipmates that offer special abilities and upgrades. Your boat grows, and there’s a great upgrade system to let you handle the tougher monsters that you will face in new regions. There’s so much to play through, and the gameplay is so engaging that you will want to keep going from run to run while completing quests, and unlocking new areas. It’s easy to get lost in the matching action, and it’s so fun to have a targeted focus with your matching all in a race against the clock.

You Must Build A Boat ($2.99, Universal) is fun above all else with a compelling mechanic fit into an overreaching adventure that is well worth picking up.

$2.99, Universal


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