Zombie Piñata – Smacking For The Candy

3.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3/5
Design: 3.5/5
Length: 3/5

Focus on zombie smacking | Plenty of action

Repetitive gameplay | No storyline

Game Info

APP NAME: Zombie Piñata

DEVELOPER(S): Neggi Studio

GENRE(S): Action, Shooter

RELEASE DATE(S): June 24th, 2011

Piñatas sure do take a lot of damage, and are universally known as something to smack. The Piñatas you know have changed substantially as they have mutated into zombies, and have plans for worldwide domination. That’s the premise for Zombie Piñata where you travel around Mexico smacking, shooting, and exploding all the zombie piñatas in your path. The game is a 2D side scrolling shooter similar to Zombieville, but with a much higher emphasis on using your piñata stick.

Zombie Piñata is filled with action as there is a constant supply of zombie piñatas to destroy. You will get overrun if you even take a breather for a second, so you need to keep tapping the attack buttons. There are four levels in each location in Mexico giving you a considerable amount of play time with the game. You will face multiple zombie types, and some give out candy as you smack or shoot them.

As mentioned, the game is more about your whacking stick than your gun, and bullets are hard to come by. You’ll need to rely on eating those zombies, rather than just blasting through them. This makes the game different than the usual shooter, and is more of an arcade beat ‘em up, but fun no matter how you describe it. You feel much more connected to zombie destroying as you beat them rather than just passively shoot them. Every four levels you get to go to the shop to upgrade your whacking stick and gun, and on later levels, you’ll finally get sufficient bullets.

You’ll finally reach the final boss, and the entire experience will provide quite an adventure with changing landscapes and zombies. Zombie Piñata has a very nice design highlighted by the blood and candy coming from the zombies. The controls are relatively easy with a slider for movement, and action buttons, though the slider is a bit sticky. It would be nice to see the story more fleshed out in the game, so it’s more than just zombie killing from level to level. The gameplay itself does become repetitive as you’re always just tapping one or two buttons to get rid of more and more zombies.

Zombie Piñata ($0.99, iPhone) isn’t the most revolutionary game, but does provide some deluxe action. It’s true that once you play a level, you’ve experience most of the game, but that won’t stop you from wanting to keep blasting through zombie piñatas. The game does have personality, with a nice style and a lot to do.

Zombie Piñata is worth considering depending on how much you like smacking your way through zombies.


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