Zombie Road Trip – Flipping Out Over Undead Roadkill

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Packed with action | Effortless controls for fun tricks and shooting | Exquisite graphics | Great replay factor

Endless nature can wear a bit thin | IAP can dilute high scores

There are all kinds of ways to kill zombies in the App Store, but running them over may be the most enjoyable. Zombie Road Trip is an endless driver where you need to stay ahead of the zombie mob, while blasting through individual zombies up ahead. The game delivers the fast paced arcade action that Noodlecake Studios is known for in Super Stickman Golf, and Lunar Racer. Every time you play, there’s a constant supply of action as you can perform flips in the air, shoot or run over zombies, and combine both functions at once.

The terrain is set-up for tons of ramps to fly off of to perform tricks, and you try to land smoothly to get a boost to stay ahead of the zombie mob. It becomes quite frantic with so much going on at once, and the game does a good job of keeping it fresh with five unique landscapes, and fully randomized terrains. Zombie Road Trip does a great job of keeping you back with an intrinsic desire to better your own score as well as compete with friends, and shoot for six unlockable weapons, and 15 unique cars.

There’s never a dull moment as you car is either flipping through the air, blasting through zombies, boosting forward, or frantically trying to stay ahead of the zombie horde. All of the fast paced action is delivered beautifully, including a dynamic zombie decapitation engine with great blood splatter whether you shoot, run over, or fall on top of the zombies. There’s so much to enjoy, and Noodelcake has done a great job in making the endless runner feel fresh, fast paced, and something you’ll want to keep playing. It’s so enjoyable to flip, and blast through zombies, and the freemium payment structure feels optional even for full enjoyment of the game.

Zombie Road Trip (Free, Universal) is an action packed gore fest that is pedal to the medal fun from start to finish making it such a worthwhile download.


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