Zombie Zombie Zombie – Three Times The Matching Action

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Jam packed with action | Overload of zombies on screen | Tons of levels

Restrictive survival mode | A bit on the easy side with repetitive matching


Zombies have seemingly invaded every type of game genre, and now they turn their attention to the match three genre to create an all new form with matches. Zombie Zombie Zombie comes from Big Fish Games, and we got to preview it way back in March. Now it has finally arrived in perfect time for Halloween, pitting you against waves of zombies storming right at you. To get rid of the zombies, you need to make matches of three same type zombies. The match creates a triangle, and any zombies within the matching triangle are also killed allowing for high destruction. There are around one hundred zombies on screen at the heaviest times requiring you to make both large and fast matches.
There are literally hundreds of levels included with a map set-up similar to Candy Crush with just so much content to play through. In Zombie Zombie Zombie the level changes based on the type of zombies included as well as the introduction of boss battles, and environmental hazards. There are hazards that are actually to your advantage with bulldozers, fallen power lines, and trains to call upon about once per level. There are also power-ups that are activated with quick consecutive matches that provide grenades, land mines, turrets, and ninjas all for a limited time boost. Every single part of the game is designed to keep the action up at all times to keep you engaged throughout. Every ten levels presents a boss battles, or special challenge to change up the gameplay style. There are also unique zombies that provide special tactics to take down, again adding a bit to the variation.

The game is simply fun above all else, as it’s not just another zombie shooter, and instead adds a considerable amount of action to the match three genre. The screen is jam packed with zombies, and you just tap on the ones you want to match. The game gives you the benefit of the doubt when making matches of tapping on the red zombie of a huge group to complete a match. One drawback is that there’s an animation to blast through each zombie, and sometimes when you’re trying to make the next match you’re trying to tap on a zombie that was within the triangle of the previous match. It’s so easy to just keep going from level to level, and there’s also a survival mode. The game is free to play, which ties in to buying temporary upgrades, and boosts that are completely optional. The survival mode is hamstrung as you need to pay $0.99 just to have the same defensive set-up as in any given level. Through it all, there’s a whole lot of zombie action to dive into, but there’s still some basic redundancy, and the game is a bit on the easy side.

Zombie Zombie Zombie (Free, iPad) is an enjoyable matching game overloaded with action, and content to keep you coming back for a worthwhile download.


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2 Comments on "Zombie Zombie Zombie – Three Times The Matching Action"

  1. melissadingmon October 29, 2013 at 2:34 PM -

    Play to level 30 and then let me know if the game is too easy.

    • Daniel Mason October 29, 2013 at 3:02 PM -

      On level 52, the ease comes from the simple matching nature. Also the coins you earn cover some valuable upgrades.

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