Zombies & Trains – Plowing Down The Track

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Jam packed with action | Over the top cartoon carnage | Multiple modes & objectives

Another endless zombie killer | Controls can be a bit off

There seems to be a countless number of ways to kill zombies in the App Store, but Zombies & Trains delivers a new one. You get to plow through hordes of zombies with high speed trains that also include circular saws near the rails. Zombies & Trains is all about mass destruction with over the top cartoon carnage that is reason enough to pick up this game. There’s more zombie smashing at once in this game than any other in the App Store.

Zombies & Trains is an endless high score based arcade game, but it’s style and personality makes it stand out. It’s a treat to witness the explosion of blood simply because there’s an overload of zombies on screen because you have such high powered weaponry. The game is set-up with four tracks intersecting to make a tic tac toe grid, and a zombie prize in the center that all of the zombies are trying to get to. The zombies come in from 360 degrees to reach the center, and you simply tap on whichever track you want to send a train on.

You can send two trains at once, but trains can collide so you need to be careful when you send the trains. Soon you will be trying to constantly send trains with so many zombies crossing over the tracks, but you need to wait a couple of seconds for the pervious train to clear. All of it combines for non-stop mayhem that provides a game with some of the most action of any title in the App Store. To make the endless high score style withstand the test of time, games need to provide incentive, and Zombies & Trains does that with four unique game modes, and plenty of objectives. There’s the main arcade mode as well as a waves based mode, one minute survival, and timed slaughter fest with the latter two offering unique track layouts.

Zombies & Trains ($0.99, iPhone / $0.99, iPad) is as enjoyable as it is humorous which is a sight to behold across each of the unique and thoroughly engaging game modes. Zombies & Trains is a should buy and it is time to jump on board of because this entertaining gore fest is leaving the station.


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