Action Reviews

David. – Battling Goliaths With Abstract Minimalism
April 16, 2014 -

David versus Goliath is one of the most well known conflicts of all time. David. is a new iOS game that offers an abstract version of the age old conflict giving you a single square… Read More »

The Collectables – A Valuable Addition To Your iOS Collection
April 15, 2014 -

It’s not everyday that you come across a game with a console pedigree that is made specifically for touch devices. The Collectables is made by Crytek, and offers some of the most advanced 3D graphics… Read More »

15 Coins – Worth Way More Than 15 Of Your Coins
April 4, 2014 -

When a developer comes up with a great core gameplay mechanic, there doesn’t need to be a whole lot else going on. The developer of 15 Coins understands this, and has created a minimalistic layout… Read More »

The Collider – Spinning Around A 3D Tunnel
March 24, 2014 -

The iOS platform seems meant for fast paced arcade action, and The Collider focuses on that style with a 3D falling game. We have seen this type of game before on iOS, but most either… Read More »

Any Landing – Tries To Fly High, But Ends Up Crashing
March 19, 2014 -

There are about 50,000 flight landings on a daily basis, and almost all go off without a hitch. Any Landing is a new iOS game that focuses on the planes that land with a hitch,… Read More »

Wave Wave – Slapping You In The Face With Challenge
March 12, 2014 -

You hopefully like a challenge, because Wave Wave is an outright onslaught on any gaming skill you think you have. It’s a fast paced arcade action game where you control a line that moves up… Read More »

Primal Flame – Igniting A Rarity In The App Store
March 12, 2014 -

New game ideas should always be cherished as they battle in the sea of sameness that is the App Store. Primal Flame is a new game that revolves around a single flame in the forest… Read More »

Monkey Boots – Do The Elephant Stomp
March 4, 2014 -

What is a monkey to do during an elephant stampede? In the case of Monkey Boots, the answer is to jump on their heads. It’s a fast paced endless action game where you simply try… Read More »

Cubed Snowboarding – Aims For Big Air, Misses The Landing
March 3, 2014 -

Simple arcade games have proven quite popular on iOS, and Cubed Rally Racer is one of them. Cubed Snowboarding is a new game from the same developer, and it offers a similar style, but on… Read More »

One Spear Savage – Spearing A Good iOS Game
March 3, 2014 -

It’s time to get back to your barbaric roots in a kill, or be killed world in the new iOS game One Spear Savage. It’s an arcade arena style game where you control a single… Read More »