Board Reviews

Charadium II – Pictionary On The Go
December 12, 2011 -

Are you ready for for fast paced pictionary on the go by using your iOS device as a drawing pad? Well, that’s exactly what Charadium delivers, and its new sequel Charadium II with an all… Read More »

Dice Soccer – Dice Battle With Soccer Theme
August 1, 2011 -

Dice and Soccer, is there any better combination? Well, yes there is, but that doesn’t take away from the potential of the game Dice Soccer. At the most basic level, it’s a dice battle game… Read More »

Sea Battles – Sink Battleships Online
July 8, 2011 -

Sea Battles does for Battleship what Words with Friends did for Scrabble. The game sets up online matches in a moment, and connects you nearly instantaneously. It’s the same game of Battleship where you’re given… Read More »

Battleship – Sinking Battleships On The Same iPad
July 1, 2011 -

A classic game we all know has finally made it’s way to the iPad, and that game is Battleship. Now you can play head to head with a friend on a single iPad just like… Read More »