Education Reviews

Skyscrapers by Tinybop – Building Up A Kids App On iOS
August 10, 2016 -

Tinybop has built a name for themselves when it comes to kids apps. Their latest effort is Skyscrapers, which lets children explore the inner workings of tall buildings. The app begins by letting you create… Read More »

Nancy Drew Codes & Clues – An All New Case For iOS
May 18, 2016 -

Nancy Drew has been solving cases for decades as the teenage detective first appeared in 1930. Nancy has withstood the test of time, and has appeared in multiple forms over the years. Now, there’s Nancy… Read More »

Heuristic Shakespeare The Tempest – An All New Work To Partake In
May 3, 2016 -

Shakespearian plays aren’t the most accessible literature out there, and many people can be turned away from the compelling narratives due to word choice, sentence structure, and simply unfamiliar forms of English. Heuristic Shakespeare –… Read More »

Amazing World Ocean – Exploring The Depths On iOS
April 4, 2016 -

Over two thirds of the Earth is covered by ocean that can be more than 6 miles deep leading to over 95% of the ocean unexplored. Amazing World Ocean is a new educational app that… Read More »

Weather By Tinybop – A Bright And Shiny New App For Kids
March 1, 2016 -

The weather can be fascinating as it takes so many different forms, and there are so many different causes. Tinybop has made a series of interactive educational apps for kids covering a variety of topics,… Read More »

The Book of Negroes Historical Guide – Gaining Insight
February 23, 2016 -

February is Black History Month, and BET is airing a new TV mini-series, entitled The Book of Negroes. The Book of Negroes Historical Guide offers an educational background to the happenings in the mini-series. The… Read More »

Monkey Spot Scavenger Hunts – On The Hunt For A Good Kids App
February 16, 2016 -

There’s a great big world out there to explore with all kinds of interesting things, even in your own backyard. Monkey Spot Scavenger Hunts is a new kid’s app that offers various scavenger hunts designed… Read More »

Think Like Churchill – Deciding If It’s Worth It
November 30, 2015 -

Winston Churchill is one of the most influential men of the 20th century. He made numerous vital decisions that had a global impact. The new app Think Like Churchill puts you in his shoes challenging… Read More »

Foodo Kitchen – Baking Up A Treat For Kids
November 30, 2015 -

When monsters come to your bakery, they want baked goods just like any other customers. Foodo Kitchen is a new kids app that lets younger audiences bake cakes, donuts, cupcakes, and more. The monsters come… Read More »

The Earth by Tinybop – Intro To How The World Was Formed
September 23, 2015 -

Tinybop has explored a number of topics including The Human Body, Plants, Homes, Machines, and more. Now, they turn their attention to The Earth by Tinybop, a new educational app that goes all around the… Read More »