Endless Reviews

Joan Mad Run – Run Endlessly With Furious Action
May 6, 2016 -

Joan is tired of being locked up, and is just angry enough to break out and make a run for it. Joan Mad Run is a new endless runner from the makers of Tomb of… Read More »

Disney Crossy Road – Mickey Brings A Ton Of Friends To Play With
April 7, 2016 -

Crossy Road took the App Store by storm in November of 2014 as it revitalized the Frogger arcade style with 3D pixel art, and simple swipe and tap controls. Now, there’s Disney Crossy Road, which… Read More »

Barrier X – Testing Reflexes At Light Speed On iOS
March 11, 2016 -

Hold on to your butts! Barrier X is here to let you fly by the seat of your pants with an overload of speed. This just might be the fastest game on the App Store,… Read More »

Thumb Drift – Speeding With A Thumb And A Prayer
February 18, 2016 -

In some racing games, drifting is the most enjoyable aspect. Thumb Drift is a new iOS game that is all about drifting, and it’s made as simple as possible. Your car accelerates automatically, and you… Read More »

Ultimate Briefcase – Is It Doomsday For The Endless Genre?
February 10, 2016 -

In a scene from a doomsday movie, a missile defense system is firing upon cities across the globe. Play as a citizen, and try to dodge dropping bombs for as long as you can in… Read More »

Go! Go! CommanderVideo – A Quick Bit Of A Trip
December 1, 2015 -

Bit.Trip Beat started it all off for CommanderVideo, who has starred in his fair share of games. Go! Go! CommanderVideo is his latest adventure, and this one is for iOS with an auto runner set-up,… Read More »

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom – Is Sonic Really Back For Seconds?
October 9, 2015 -

Sonic Dash launched back in early 2013 to deliver a generic endless runner that starred Sonic. The game did nothing to stand out, and it seemed like one time attempt by Sega to combine their… Read More »

The Balloons – Does It Sky High, Or Deflate?
October 2, 2015 -

Balloons are destined to float as high as they can. In the new iOS game The Balloons, your job is to guide a balloon through treacherous stretches to reach all new heights. During your ascent,… Read More »

Seashine – Trying To Swim Out Of The Endless Depths
September 8, 2015 -

The life of a jellyfish isn’t easy, especially when swimming alone in the abyss of the ocean. That is the scenario in the new game Seashine in which you need to guide the jellyfish through… Read More »

Breakneck – Can It Speed Past Other Endless Fliers?
August 28, 2015 -

It’s time to travel at breakneck speeds through futuristic landscapes in the new iOS game Breakneck from PikPok. It’s an endless high score challenge in which you tap left or right to avoid all kinds… Read More »