Endless Reviews

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom – Is Sonic Really Back For Seconds?
October 9, 2015 -

Sonic Dash launched back in early 2013 to deliver a generic endless runner that starred Sonic. The game did nothing to stand out, and it seemed like one time attempt by Sega to combine their… Read More »

The Balloons – Does It Sky High, Or Deflate?
October 2, 2015 -

Balloons are destined to float as high as they can. In the new iOS game The Balloons, your job is to guide a balloon through treacherous stretches to reach all new heights. During your ascent,… Read More »

Seashine – Trying To Swim Out Of The Endless Depths
September 8, 2015 -

The life of a jellyfish isn’t easy, especially when swimming alone in the abyss of the ocean. That is the scenario in the new game Seashine in which you need to guide the jellyfish through… Read More »

Breakneck – Can It Speed Past Other Endless Fliers?
August 28, 2015 -

It’s time to travel at breakneck speeds through futuristic landscapes in the new iOS game Breakneck from PikPok. It’s an endless high score challenge in which you tap left or right to avoid all kinds… Read More »

Ski Safari 2 – Hitting The Familiar Slopes Again
August 28, 2015 -

Endlessly skiing down slopes has become a popular pastime on iOS with Ski Safari, Alto’s Adventure, Dudeski, and many more. Ski Safari has been particularly popular, so it makes sense to see the brand new… Read More »

Winter Fugitives – Sneaking Into A New Endless Game?
August 21, 2015 -

It’s time for a prison break, and it’s up to you to guide an escaped inmate through a snowstorm with guards all around. Winter Fugitives is a new quick action stealth game for iOS in… Read More »

Blocky Raider – A Crossy Temple Run For iOS
August 13, 2015 -

Imagine if Crossy Road and Temple Run were combined into one all new game. Well, that’s essentially what the new game Blocky Raider is. The gameplay is very similar to Crossy Road as you tap… Read More »

Race The Sun – How Long Can You Last On Solar Power?
July 31, 2015 -

Strap yourself in, and get ready to fly at high speeds in danger filled courses in the new iOS game Race The Sun. The style is familiar as you’re given a 3D endless runner in… Read More »

Try Harder – Trying Out A New iOS Action Platformer
June 11, 2015 -

Do, or do not, there is no try. Unless you’re trying harder to do, which is the case in the new iOS game Try Harder. It’s a quick action endless runner from adult swim that… Read More »

Blades of Brim – Taking The Subway To A New Endless Runner
June 5, 2015 -

There is a seemingly endless supply of endless runners with so many focusing on running away from something. Blades of Brim is a new type of endless runner that actually focuses on combat so that… Read More »