Entertainment Reviews

The Thirty Nine Steps – Enjoying Every Step
April 14, 2015 -

Imagine if you found out about the plot to start World War I, and the person who told you was killed, leaving you framed for the murder. That’s the setting for The Thirty Nine Steps,… Read More »

Plug & Play – A Strange Odyssey Wrapped In An Enigma
February 11, 2015 -

There are quite a few iOS creations that don’t fit into black and white categorizations. Plug & Play is definitely one of those apps that does deliver black and white styling, but for an app… Read More »

Volotic – Making Music With The Greatest Of Ease
February 10, 2015 -

Making music can be a fun pastime, and there are more and more ways to make music on your iPad. Volotic is the latest entry into the App Store, and it delivers a nonlinear sequence… Read More »

Nighty Night Circus – A Sleepy Storybook Sequel For Kids
December 9, 2014 -

Bedtime can be a chore for new parents as younger kids can be quite restless. There are quite a few storybook apps for iOS that help kids get to sleep, and Nighty Night Circus is… Read More »

Foodo Kitchen – Baking Up A Treat For Kids
December 8, 2014 -

When monsters come to your bakery, they want baked goods just like any other customers. Foodo Kitchen is a new kids app that lets younger audiences bake cakes, donuts, cupcakes, and more. The monsters come… Read More »

Toca Nature – Anyone Can Shape Their Natural World
November 17, 2014 -

Nature is all around us bursting with inspiration whether it’s mountains, rivers, trees, or animals. More importantly, it’s the ecosystems that show the interconnectedness of all the natural inhabitants in the world. Toca Nature is… Read More »

Shapes Music – Anyone Can Play A Lively Piano/Keyboard
November 4, 2014 -

Musical instruments are not for everyone depending upon skill level, interest, and experience. Shapes Music is a new iPad app that is designed to make playing the keyboard/piano accessible to those with high interest, but… Read More »

Auxy – Anyone Can Now Bust A Move On iPad
November 3, 2014 -

Making music usually requires a professional with deluxe equipment. That doesn’t always have to be the case, as we have seen some inventive music based apps for iPad. Auxy is a new one that is… Read More »

SpinArtX – Taking Spin Art To The Next Dimension
July 1, 2014 -

Spin Art is a classic past time because it’s simple, fun, and messy, and yet creates such interesting results. Not much skill is required to create such deluxe pieces of art, and it opens up… Read More »

Star Wars Scene Maker – A Lot Of Force Is Required
June 24, 2014 -

Star Wars has been seen by millions with the scenes directed by George Lucas. Now, you can create your own Star Wars scenes with Star Wars Scene Maker for iPad. You’re given 3D environments to… Read More »