Games Reviews

Dust An Elysian Tail – Does It Leave Competitors In The Dust?
October 8, 2015 -

Dust An Elysian Tail first launched back in August of 2012 on the Xbox Live Arcade, and three years later is now in the App Store. The game provides a deluxe action RPG that pits… Read More »

Super Sharp – Slicing Open A New Action Puzzle Game
October 8, 2015 -

The makers of Mr Jump, Poptile, Pile, Quetzalcoatl, and others continue to supply minimalistic design with engaging challenges. Their latest effort is Super Sharp, which lets you slice shapes with your fingers in an attempt to move those… Read More »

King’s Color – Playing Games With Your Brain
October 7, 2015 -

It’s interesting to consider how your mind takes in information, and then recognizes it to act upon the given information. King’s Color is a new puzzle game that tests your recognition skills through three different… Read More »

Hocus – Puzzling Through Optical Illusions On iOS
October 6, 2015 -

If you have ever played Monument Valley, then the MC Escher style puzzle mechanics of Hocus. is instantly familiar. Monument Valley went above and beyond on design polish, yet Hocus trends the other way with… Read More »

Pac-Man Bounce – Can Pac-Man Be A Puzzle Star?
October 2, 2015 -

Have you ever wanted Pac-Man to be less arcade, and more puzzle? Well, that’s what the new iOS game Pac-Man Bounce delivers. Your goal is to use various switches and bouncy walls to direct Pac-Man… Read More »

The Balloons – Does It Sky High, Or Deflate?
October 2, 2015 -

Balloons are destined to float as high as they can. In the new iOS game The Balloons, your job is to guide a balloon through treacherous stretches to reach all new heights. During your ascent,… Read More »

Mos Speedrun 2 – Speeding Into A Timely Sequel
October 2, 2015 -

I hope you like speed, because Mos Speedrun 2 is now available on the App Store. The original provided a great speed run platformer that has become a genre stand out, and now there’s an… Read More »

Need For Speed No Limits – Driving Over Speed Bumps
October 1, 2015 -

Need for Speed is a racing brand that has seen a number of installments of delivering high speed arcade racing action. Now, there’s Need for Speed No Limits for iOS that is all about the… Read More »

Shooty Skies – Crossing Into The Arcade Shooter
October 1, 2015 -

Do you remember hopping through traffic with cute 3D pixel art characters in Crossy Road? Well, now the action is taken to the sky in the new iOS game Shooty Skies from the makers of… Read More »

Astrå – The Mythological Planet Hopper For iOS
September 30, 2015 -

There are a number of planet hopping games for iOS with many quickly forgettable. Astrå is trying to distinguish itself from the bunch by offering a planet hopper with staying power. The game provides a… Read More »