Games Reviews

Mad Bullets – Trigger Happy Fun For Everyone
July 18, 2014 -

Get your trigger finger ready, as there’s a shootout happening on your iOS device in the new game Mad Bullets. It’s a fast paced arcade shooter, which lets you tap to shoot as you take… Read More »

Cascade – Pressing The Match Three Luck
July 18, 2014 -

There are so many match three games that it seems like every variation has been tried, but don’t tell that to Big Fish Games. Their newest game is Cascade, which adds slots to the match… Read More »

Red Ball 4 – Classic Platforming For Free Flowing Fun
July 18, 2014 -

When you think of platformers, you don’t normally think of Red Ball, but surprisingly enough the character has starred in four different platformers. You don’t need to be familiar with, or even aware of the… Read More »

Watercolors – A Colorful Puzzle Game With Wide Appeal
July 16, 2014 -

It’s a colorful world out there, and yet there are still the three primary colors that so much is based upon. Watercolors is a new puzzle game that is all about colors with a focus… Read More »

Sonic Jump Fever – Maybe You Don’t Want To Catch It
July 15, 2014 -

Sonic has starred in his fair share of games, including tons of sequels, and spin-offs. Now, there’s Sonic Jump Fever, which is the successor to 2012’s Sonic Jump, offering the familiar endless jumping style, but… Read More »

Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores – The Hunt Is On For Big Game
July 15, 2014 -

The hunt is on, and there’s some truly big game to hunt down in the latest game from Glu, Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores. The game is fashioned after Deer Hunter 2014, but it foregoes the… Read More »

Beyond Gravity – A Hop, Skip, And A jump In Space
July 14, 2014 -

Let’s all go to the planet hop in Beyond Gravity, yet another planet hopping game in the App Store. Your goal is to jump from planet to planet, as each one keeps spinning around. In… Read More »

Sky Tourist Blitz Trip – Taking A Quick Second Trip
July 14, 2014 -

It’s summer vacation for many, and that includes Petey Pendant, who’s ready for a new Sky Tourist adventure. Sky Tourist Blitz Trip is a follow-up to last year’s original game, while still maintaining the same… Read More »

Hellraid: The Escape – Rising Above The App Store Darkness
July 11, 2014 -

Is there a fate worse than death? The answer is yes, if you were in the situation of the protagonist in the new games Hellraid: The Escape. You’re pitted in a labyrinth of dungeons filled… Read More »

Buzz Killem – Fighting An invasion of Aliens & Bugs
July 9, 2014 -

First there was Bill Killem, now there’s Buzz Killem, and it seems the Killem family is the Earth’s last hope during an alien invasion. Buzz Killem, is Bill’s father, and while Bill went off to… Read More »