Games Reviews

Red Game Without A Great Name – Does It Earn A Title?
August 12, 2015 -

Titles can be an important part of the appeal of any game as names can set what to expect. Red Game Without A Great Name is a new iOS game that doesn’t give much away… Read More »

KOI Journey of Purity – Going For A Fresh Swim
August 11, 2015 -

A lot has been made of air pollution since it’s constantly in our face, but water pollution is just as problematic. KOI Journey of Purity is a new iOS game that lets you play as… Read More »

World of Warriors: Quest – Turning Into A Strategy Game On iOS
August 7, 2015 -

World of Warriors launched last November delivering an Infinity Blade style combat game, but with a cartoon style, wide cast of characters, and more tapping sequences. Now, there’s World of Warriors: Quest, which provides a… Read More »

Score! Hero – Kicking Into Strategy On iOS
August 7, 2015 -

Soccer is a sport that is in constant motion, and there are a lot of iOS soccer games that try to depict the 11 on 11 action on the entire field. Score! Hero is a… Read More »

Spider Rite of the Shrouded Moon – Caught In Its Web?
August 6, 2015 -

It’s time to embrace crawling on walls, spinning webs, and munching on insects all over again in the brand new sequel, Spider Rite of the Shrouded Moon. Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor launched back… Read More »

Impulse GP – Racing Into The Future On iOS
August 5, 2015 -

Strap yourself in and get ready to speed along futuristic track in the new racing game Impulse GP. You get to race hoverbikes across gravity defying tracks with all new boosting mechanics to really amplify… Read More »

Hanger World – Is It Worth Swinging Into Again?
July 31, 2015 -

Hanger is an entertaining ragdoll physics game in which you swing through obstacle filled levels that are high challenge resulting in limbs flying off as you go. The game launched back in July of 2012,… Read More »

Race The Sun – How Long Can You Last On Solar Power?
July 31, 2015 -

Strap yourself in, and get ready to fly at high speeds in danger filled courses in the new iOS game Race The Sun. The style is familiar as you’re given a 3D endless runner in… Read More »

Domino Drop – Do The Puzzle Pieces Fall Into Place?
July 31, 2015 -

Dominoes have been around for centuries, and yet there’s always room for new game styles based on those classic numbered bricks. Domino Drop is a new iOS puzzle game from the makers of Pair Solitaire… Read More »

Angry Birds 2 – Is It Worth Slingshotting Into A Sequel?
July 30, 2015 -

Angry Birds first launched back in December of 2009, and since then has seen 13 spin-offs. Now, there’s the official sequel as Angry Birds 2 arrives with all new bird sling-shotting and pig smashing action…. Read More »