Games Reviews

Exploding Kittens – A Card Game To Have A Blast With?
March 28, 2016 -

An exploding kitten is not fun to deal with. If you pull one in the new game Exploding Kittens, then it’s game over. Exploding Kittens is a card based strategy game, and yet it can… Read More »

Super Arc Light – Lighting Up A New Arcade Challenge
March 24, 2016 -

t Arcade shooters are one of the oldest gaming genres, but that doesn’t mean all ideas have been exhausted. Super Arc Light is a new iOS arcade shooter that offers an all new line touch… Read More »

King Rabbit – A Platformer That Is Just Right On iOS
March 24, 2016 -

There are games made available on iOS, and there are games made for iOS. King Rabbit definitely falls into the latter category to deliver a platformer game that has been designed from the group up… Read More »

Mimpi Dreams – The Little Dog That Could Is Back On iOS
March 23, 2016 -

Mimpi is a cute little white dog that starred in a self titled iOS game that launched back in October of 2013. Mimpi Dreams is now available, and it offers an all new adventure for… Read More »

Late Shift – An All New Way To Play Movies
March 14, 2016 -

Movies are deluxe cinematic experiences with detailed narrative, acting, cinematography, set design, and more. Interactive adventure games normally rely on branching narrative, player decisions, and detailed animation. They’re two distinct forms of entertainment, right? Well,… Read More »

Barrier X – Testing Reflexes At Light Speed On iOS
March 11, 2016 -

Hold on to your butts! Barrier X is here to let you fly by the seat of your pants with an overload of speed. This just might be the fastest game on the App Store,… Read More »

Telepaint – Transporting Into A Colorful Puzzler
March 10, 2016 -

When walking paint buckets and teleports arrive on the scene, you know you’re in for something different. Telepaint is a new iOS puzzle platformer that is all about using portals to send the walking paint… Read More »

Dirac – Providing Fun At A Molecular Level?
March 10, 2016 -

Connect the dots is one of the first pastimes you come across as a child. You wouldn’t think that many complexities can arise from that simple mechanic you were first introduced to. Dirac is a… Read More »

Clash Royale – Clashing On An All New Battlefront
March 8, 2016 -

The makers of Clash of Clans have an all new way for us to battle one another. Clash Royale delivers a real time strategy game that is made accessible for quick online multiplayer challenges. In… Read More »

Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers – Going Over The Top On iOS
March 4, 2016 -

We hope you like action, because the new iOS game Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers is bursting at the seams with action. It’s a run ’n’ gun shooter with a boat load of enemies and dangers… Read More »