Games Reviews

Daytona Rush – Can You Race Endlessly On iOS?
February 17, 2015 -

When you think of racing, it’s easy to think of NASCAR racing. A game based on NASCAR racing sounds like a good idea letting you get behind the wheel, drive at high speeds, pass cars,… Read More »

Tempo – Does It Keep Pace To Create iOS Entertainment?
February 13, 2015 -

Can you nail the right tempo to save London from a terrorist attack? That’s your goal in the new iOS game Tempo that is designed for on the go touch gaming. Every level gives you… Read More »

King of Thieves – Will It Steal Your Time?
February 12, 2015 -

Can you become the King of Thieves in the latest game from the makers of Cut The Rope? Your goal is to steal gold and gems from other players, and then protect your spoils. King… Read More »

Staying Together – Is It A Match Made In Heaven?
February 12, 2015 -

Just in time for Valentine’s Day comes Staying Together. It’s a multi-character puzzle platformer where you get to play as a man and a woman at the same time where every single move impacts both… Read More »

Plug & Play – A Strange Odyssey Wrapped In An Enigma
February 11, 2015 -

There are quite a few iOS creations that don’t fit into black and white categorizations. Plug & Play is definitely one of those apps that does deliver black and white styling, but for an app… Read More »

Volotic – Making Music With The Greatest Of Ease
February 10, 2015 -

Making music can be a fun pastime, and there are more and more ways to make music on your iPad. Volotic is the latest entry into the App Store, and it delivers a nonlinear sequence… Read More »

Ammo Pigs – Does It Bring Home The Bacon?
February 10, 2015 -

Bacon, ham, and sausage all come from the same animal, the pig. You wouldn’t think that a pig would make much of an action hero, but that’s because you haven’t seen Ammo Pigs. You get… Read More »

Midnight Star – Taking Aim At A New iOS Shooter
February 6, 2015 -

A funny thing about hype. If you live up to it, you can reach greatness, but if you come up short, it’s an even worse fate than having no hype at all. Midnight Star has… Read More »

The Detail – Does It Piece Together The Right Details?
February 6, 2015 -

When investigating crimes, it all comes down to the details. In the new iOS game The Detail, you get to play as a veteran detective investigating a gang murder, while working for a precinct that… Read More »

Dark Echo – Listening For A New Adventure
February 5, 2015 -

Imagine being trapped in a dark place that’s so dark you can’t even see your hands in front of your face. You’ll need an alternate way to navigate, and in the new game Dark Echo,… Read More »