Games Reviews

Dog Mendonça – A Haunting Adventure Game
April 29, 2016 -

Dog Mendonça & Pizza Boy is a graphic novel trilogy that presents the story of supernatural cases. Now, the comics have been transferred into an interactive adventure game that has made its way to iOS… Read More »

Loud on Planet X – Defending With The Beat On iOS
April 22, 2016 -

There’s an alien invasion, and you need to use the power of music to battle back waves of aliens in the new iOS game Loud on Planet X. We got to preview the game during… Read More »

Alchemic Maze – Tilting A Potent Puzzle Potion
April 21, 2016 -

It’s time to try your hand at the ancient art of alchemy in the new iOS game Alchemic Maze. Your goal is to guide different liquid types through different mazes to collect enough resources to… Read More »

Green Game TimeSwapper – Time Warp Versus Teleportation
April 20, 2016 -

Red Game Without A Great Name launched last July to offer a portal based platformer in which you draw a path from where your bird is to where you want it to be to avoid… Read More »

Pug’s Quest – Descent Into A Dog Adventure
April 19, 2016 -

There are various types of heroes in video games, and yet a pug is a relative new one. Pug’s Quest is a new iOS game that pits you as a pug trying to save his… Read More »

Cube Escape Theater – Opening Up A Memorable Play
April 15, 2016 -

The Cube Escape series presents memory cubes that detail the strange happenings around Rusty Lake. Earlier this year, Cube Escape Birthday launched as the seventh game in the Cube Escape series. Now, there’s Cube Escape… Read More »

Zenge – Piecing Together A Zen Puzzler For iOS
April 15, 2016 -

A lot of puzzle games these days add points, stars, move counters, in game shops, and other distractions between you and the puzzle. Zenge is a new iOS puzzle game that cuts out the clutter… Read More »

Spellspire – Going To Battle With Words On iOS
April 14, 2016 -

As the saying goes, the pen is mightier than the sword. Spellspire is a new iOS game that lets you battle enemies in an action RPG by making words. Each word you form allows you… Read More »

Blackbeard’s Blast – Aiming For Marble Shooter Fun
April 14, 2016 -

Blackbeard’s Assault launched way back in 2008 to deliver a fast paced marble shooter in the early days of the App Store. Now, there’s Blackbeard’s Blast, which is the successor with an all new set-up… Read More »

Shadow Bug – The Pretty Nightcrawler Dashes On To iOS
April 13, 2016 -

Get ready to dash and dice through a silhouetted world in the new iOS game Shadow Bug. You get to play as a bug with abilities that evoke ninjas as well as Nightcrawler from X-Men…. Read More »