iPhone Reviews

TouchTone – Should You Answer The Call?
March 19, 2015 -

A lot has been made about the Government tracking calls and messages in an attempt to provide National Security. TouchTone is a new game that lets you help the Government decrypt messages through the form… Read More »

Rad Boarding – Speeding Down A Slippery Slope On iOS
March 18, 2015 -

Does the existence of similar games that come before degrade the quality of new games? That’s a question to ponder with the newly released Rad Boarding that gives you an endless snowboarding challenge set in… Read More »

Lastronaut – Trying To Survive The Endless Apocalypse
March 18, 2015 -

It takes quite a bit of effort to make a game in an overcrowded genre that can still bring players in. Lastronaut is a 2D side scrolling endless runner in which you tap on the… Read More »

Card Crawl – Throwing Down The Card Game Gauntlet
March 13, 2015 -

Imagine solitaire, but with a combat based set-up more akin to a dungeon crawler than a traditional game of solitaire. That’s the basis for the new iOS game Card Crawl, which presents an all new… Read More »

Alpha Omega – Does It Spell Out A Winner On iOS?
March 13, 2015 -

Have you ever seen those optical illusion puzzles where you can raed mpslilseed wrdos as lnog as the fsrit and lsat ltertes are in the rgiht pcale? If so, and you can read the last… Read More »

Paper Monsters Recut – Freshening Up With A New Flow
March 12, 2015 -

Paper Monsters originally launched way back in January of 2012 for iOS, and since then has been completely redone, made for the Wii U, and then ported back to iOS. Paper Monsters Recut is now… Read More »

Amazing World Ocean – Exploring The Depths On iOS
March 3, 2015 -

Over two thirds of the Earth is covered by ocean that can be more than 6 miles deep leading to over 95% of the ocean unexplored. Amazing World Ocean is a new educational app that… Read More »

Overkill 3 – Is A Third Person Shooter The Charm?
February 27, 2015 -

You wouldn’t think that you could overkill something three times. Overkill 3 has just launched on the App Store though, delivering a new mobile centric shooter. The third installment transitions the game from a first… Read More »

Under the Sun – Does The Challenging Puzzler Shine?
February 27, 2015 -

Being a castaway is no fun, but that’s because you don’t have any games to play. Under the Sun pits you as a castaway whose goal is to traverse the island to reach the campfire… Read More »

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire – Magic Tricks At Your Fingertips
February 26, 2015 -

When knights try to invade your castle from above, it’s best to hire a wizard. That is especially the case in the new iOS game Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire, where you get to play… Read More »