iPhone Reviews

Wardwell House – All New Immersion On iOS
November 12, 2015 -

The App Store is filled with games that are easily comparable, and fit into particular styles and molds. Wardwell House isn’t one of those games, and instead creates a completely new experience. The game is… Read More »

Tiny Rogue – Fighting To Victory On iOS?
November 12, 2015 -

Get ready to dungeon crawl through quick and challenging endless quests in the new iOS game Tiny Rogue. The game comes from the makers of League of Evil, Devious Dungeon, Random Heroes, and other well… Read More »

Beneath The Lighthouse – Going For A Puzzle Spin On iOS
November 11, 2015 -

It’s easy to see what goes on top of the lighthouse with the big glaring light to pierce through the dark and fog. Have you ever wondered what goes on beneath the lighthouse? Well, now… Read More »

Fold The World – Unfolding A Nice Puzzle Challenge
November 10, 2015 -

The Paper Kingdom is in trouble from the Lord of Darkness, and it’s up to two springs to save the world in the new iOS game Fold The World. Your job is to fold the… Read More »

Leonardo’s Cat – An Inventive Physics Puzzle Game
November 6, 2015 -

Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most accomplished people in history with his inventions, paintings, and medical drawings. Leonardo’s Cat is a new physics puzzle game that tells the tale of Michelangelo stealing da… Read More »

Neon Drive – Speeding Into The Simple Past
November 6, 2015 -

Take the wheel, and get ready to continuously dodge obstacles in the new iOS game Neon Drive. The game features a retro modern aesthetic to depict the classic Eighties arcade style, but with modern flair…. Read More »

Bigfoot Hunter – Does It Snap A Winner On iOS?
November 5, 2015 -

Bigfoot is yet to be capture on camera, but that may be because you haven’t tried. Bigfoot Hunter is a new iOS game that tasks you with capturing photos of wildlife, including the illusive Bigfoot…. Read More »

The Room Three – Love Getting Lost For The Third Time
November 5, 2015 -

Prepare to enter a series of puzzle filled rooms for the third time in The Room Three. The Room and The Room Two are a couple of stand outs with superb 3D craftsmanship and tactile… Read More »

Five Card Quest – Playing A Compelling Hand
November 4, 2015 -

It’s that time again when you gather together a band of heroes, and set on a quest through randomly generated enemies. Five Card Quest is a new turn based RPG that comes from Rocketcat Games,… Read More »

Dead Effect 2 – Having A Blast In Space All Over Again
November 3, 2015 -

Dead Effect launched back in September of 2013 to offer a first person shooter set on a stranded space station overrun with mutant zombies. Now, there’s Dead Effect 2 that maintains the Sci-Fi FPS style,… Read More »