iPhone Reviews

Exiles – A Huge Sci-Fi Adventure To Explore
January 29, 2015 -

A short time in the future, in a galaxy not that far away comes Exiles from the makers of Ravensword. It delivers a 3D Sci-Fi RPG open world adventure that lets you play as an… Read More »

Adventure Time Game Wizard – Drawing Out An Adventure
January 28, 2015 -

Adventure Time has multiple meanings, as it can be the TV show, a game based on the show, or even the ability to create your own adventure. Adventure Time Game Wizard delivers all three aspects… Read More »

Satellina – Touching An All New Puzzle Flow
January 26, 2015 -

Touch can allow for all new types of games, and it’s up to developers to take advantage of all that can be done with it. Satellina is a new arcade puzzle challenge that revolves around… Read More »

Yak Dash: Horns of Glory – Flipping For Yaks On iOS
January 23, 2015 -

Yak’s aren’t the most fleet of foot creatures, but that doesn’t mean you can’t race them. Yak Dash: Horns of Glory is a new 2D side scrolling racing game where you ride on a yak… Read More »

Invertical Touch – A Platformer That Is Black And White
January 23, 2015 -

What’s black and white, and ready to play? Invertical Touch, which is a color based platformer that relies on color change to challenge you. Each level gives you an arrangement of white and black blocks… Read More »

Rocket Cars – Having A Blast With Chaotic Racing
January 22, 2015 -

Get ready for speed, tricks, and crazy courses in the new iOS game Rocket Cars. It comes from Illusion Labs, the makers of some great iOS games including Touchgrind Skate 2, Touchgrind BMX, Blast-A-Way, and… Read More »

The LEGO Movie Video Game – Is Everything Awesome?
January 22, 2015 -

LEGO has transformed various movies into LEGO style that are then playable video games. Now, they have their own movie, which makes the creation of The LEGO Movie Video Game that much easier. The game… Read More »

Mayday! Deep Space – Playing With The Power Of Your Voice
January 21, 2015 -

Mayday, mayday is anyone out there, please acknowledge. If you choose to acknowledge, you have begun the story in the new iOS game Mayday! Deep Space. It’s unlike any game you have played before as… Read More »

Gunbrick – Flipping Out For A New Puzzle Platformer
January 21, 2015 -

Imagine rolling around in a blocky contraption that contains a gun on one side, and a shield on the other. That contraption is a Gunbrick in the new iOS game of the same name, from… Read More »

Spirefall – Climbing An All New Cat Tree On iOS
January 20, 2015 -

In Spirefall, your goal is to guide a cat up a 3D rotating cylinder that is filled with platforms that are ready to fall away. It’s a neat new idea with a fetching visual design… Read More »