iPhone Reviews

I am Bread – Warming Up To An All New Experience
September 4, 2015 -

Humans strive for all kinds of goals whether it is landing on the moon, become president, circumnavigate the globe, and much more. Bread on the other hand, has one simple goal, and that is to… Read More »

The Deer God – Having Faith In The Journey On iOS
September 3, 2015 -

When a person hunts for deer, it’s not exactly a fair fight as one has a gun and the other just has what it’s born with. The Deer God is a new iOS game that… Read More »

Unkilled – How Long Can You Blast Zombies?
September 3, 2015 -

Zombie killing is a popular past time if the number of iOS zombie shooters is any indication. Now, there’s a brand new one in the form of Unkilled, from the makers of Dead Trigger 1… Read More »

Bullet Boy – Launching Into Fast Paced Challenge
September 2, 2015 -

With a name like Bullet Boy, you can expect some high speed launching action. That’s exactly what the new iOS game Bullet Boy delivers as you simply tap to launch Bullet Boy from cannon to… Read More »

Calvino Noir – Here’s Looking At You, Kid
September 1, 2015 -

The film noir genre features absolute classics with very distinct and memorable stylings. Calvino Noir is a new iOS adventure game that presents the classic film noir style with an all new interactive storyline. The… Read More »

Sage Solitaire – A New Hand Of Solitaire On iOS
August 31, 2015 -

Solitaire is an age old classic that comes in multiple forms, and Klondike is probably the most well known. There are many ways to play solitaire, and it’s always great to see new ideas like… Read More »

Breakneck – Can It Speed Past Other Endless Fliers?
August 28, 2015 -

It’s time to travel at breakneck speeds through futuristic landscapes in the new iOS game Breakneck from PikPok. It’s an endless high score challenge in which you tap left or right to avoid all kinds… Read More »

Ski Safari 2 – Hitting The Familiar Slopes Again
August 28, 2015 -

Endlessly skiing down slopes has become a popular pastime on iOS with Ski Safari, Alto’s Adventure, Dudeski, and many more. Ski Safari has been particularly popular, so it makes sense to see the brand new… Read More »

Lara Croft GO – Tomb Raiding In An All New Way
August 27, 2015 -

Lara Croft has spent her time starring in action packed adventure games, but she’s ready for a change of pace. Lara Craft GO presents the well known tomb raider in familiar ancient ruin surroundings, but… Read More »

The Everything Machine – Creating Contraptions With Ease
August 26, 2015 -

Your iOS device is quite capable with a lot of utilities that aren’t always used. The Everything Machine by Tinybop is a new kid’s app designed to create contraptions that take advantage of various iOS… Read More »