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Wake Alarm Clock – All New Alarm App To Wake To
May 25, 2016 -

The iPhone is the default alarm clock for many, but Apple’s stock clock app leaves quite a bit to be desired. Luckily, there’s a large group of third party developers experimenting with new techniques to… Read More »

Miitomo – Nintendo Tries To Bring Everyone Together
April 1, 2016 -

Nintendo has been making games for decades, and now have begun their foray into the App Store. Miitomo is Nintendo’s first iOS app, and it’s important to note that it’s an app, rather than a… Read More »

Day One 2 – Is It The Best Diary/Journal App Around?
February 17, 2016 -

Day One launched back in 2011 to deliver quite simply the best diary/journal app in the App Store. Times have changed, iOS devices have evolved, iOS itself is more robust, and the result is the… Read More »

The Monsters By Tinybop – A Beastly Creation Engine
December 4, 2015 -

If kids ever use your iOS devices, Tinybop is a developer to be familiar with. They have created some high quality educational resources that cover the human body, Earth, contraptions, and more. The Monsters by… Read More »

WaterMinder – A Valuable Reminder To Quench Your Thirst
August 4, 2015 -

In the summer months when the weather get hot, you need to stay hydrated above all else. Sometimes you may get caught up doing other things, or relegate your liquid intake to coffee, soda, and… Read More »

Grid Diary – Giving You Daily Incentive To Write
July 28, 2015 -

It’s a good idea to keep a diary/journal to take note of the varied things that happen in our respective lives. Sometimes it’s hard to start from scratch when looking at a blank page. Grid… Read More »

Sunny – Relaxing At The Beach Like Never Before
January 16, 2015 -

There’s nothing like relaxing in the sun at the beach. You probably can’t go to the beach everyday, especially in the winter. Sunny is a new app to replicate the feeling of being at the… Read More »

NuTouch Gloves – Using Your iOS Device In The Cold
December 15, 2014 -

It’s that time of year again, when cold dominates the weather pattern, but we all still want to use our iOS devices outside. There are a number of gloves out there specifically made to be… Read More »

Uber – Your Personal, Impersonal Driver
August 20, 2014 -

I travel a lot, and Uber has saved me, and made my life a staggering amount easier. The only problem is that if you’re not in a largish city, Uber won’t be around to help…. Read More »

Marco Polo – Calling To Your iPhone Like Never Before
August 19, 2014 -

Marco Polo is a famous Italian merchant traveler, who was the first to provide a detailed record of his voyage, and experience in central Asia, and mainly China. Today, his name is most well known… Read More »