Matching Reviews

Bejeweled Stars – Can It Crush Candy Competition?
May 12, 2016 -

Bejeweled originally launched way back in 2000, and Popcap’s match three game widely popularized the genre. It’s one of the most popular genres in the App Store, and the Bejeweled formula of swapping colored items… Read More »

Zombie Match Defense – Is The Genre Mash Up A Match For You?
October 28, 2015 -

Zombie games come in all forms, though match three might not be the most obvious choice. Zombie Match Defense is a new release that provides a mash up of match three and lane defense for… Read More »

Pastry Paradise – Pastry Crush Saga From Gameloft
December 3, 2014 -

If you just haven’t had enough crushing of candy, Gameloft has an all new treat for you allowing you to match pastries. Pastry Paradise is a baked goods match three game that gives you a… Read More »

Candy Crush Soda Saga – Spiked With All New Flavor
November 12, 2014 -

Candy is a delectable treat, but you know what can make it even sweeter? Soda! At least in the eyes of, which has just released their latest game in the form of Candy Crush… Read More »

Puzzle to the Center of the Earth – A Matching Journey
October 27, 2014 -

Journey to the Center of the Earth is a Jules Verne classic that has seen a couple of movie adaptations. Now, there’s an iOS game version in the form of Puzzle to the Center of… Read More »

Puzzle Bandits – Not Judging A Game By It Screenshots
September 26, 2014 -

It’s best not to judge a book by its cover, and the same goes for iOS games, and their screenshots. Puzzle Bandits just launched in the App Store, and at first glance looks like another… Read More »

Diamond Digger Saga – A Mindless Descent Into Madness
September 5, 2014 -

The makers of Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, Pet Rescue, Papa Pear, and Bubble Witch have a brand new game in the form of Diamond Digger Saga. has always emphasized casual game making with an emphasis on puzzles,… Read More »

Panda PandaMonium – Matching Up The Past & Present
August 21, 2014 -

Mahjong is an ancient game that has seen many implementations, but they’re all essentially the same game. Big Fish Games has taken mahjong, and broken it down into its key concepts to create Panda PandaMonium…. Read More »

Poptile – Popping A Fresh Matching Game?
July 30, 2014 -

You can pop chips, corn, cereals, and now tiles in the new game Poptile. It’s a matching game for a familiar style, but with a few subtle twists to keep things fresh. There are four… Read More »

Cascade – Pressing The Match Three Luck
July 18, 2014 -

There are so many match three games that it seems like every variation has been tried, but don’t tell that to Big Fish Games. Their newest game is Cascade, which adds slots to the match… Read More »