Photo & Video Reviews

Handy Photo – The Most Valuable Photo Editing App
April 22, 2014 -

There are plenty of photo editing apps for iOS, but they all seem to focus on just one task. AntiCrop, and TouchReTouch are two such apps that offer one function, but do it extremely well…. Read More »

Union – Seamlessly Merging Photos On iOS
April 21, 2014 -

Photo editing apps come in many forms, and more and more of them are bringing professional level effects to iOS devices. Union is a new addition that comes from the makers of Tangent, and offers… Read More »

Flayvr – Creating Living Photo Albums Automatically
March 10, 2014 -

The iPhone can take some great photos and videos, but the Camera Roll isn’t the best way to view them. Luckily, there are a number of third party apps in the App Store to transform,… Read More »

Stackables – Layering Effects Like Never Before
February 28, 2014 -

You now have the ability to change your photos in almost every way imaginable with all of the photo effects apps in the App Store. Even with all of the different apps that offer tons… Read More »

Tangled FX – Photo Effects That Truly Stand Out
February 25, 2014 -

Photo effects apps are a dime a dozen in the App Store with too many to count, and most simply blending together. Tangled FX is the newest entrant, and is has a brand new style… Read More »

Ken Burns – Emphasizing Connections Of America’s Past
February 11, 2014 -

Ken Burns has been making documentaries for over three decades as he explores American history from a number of different angles. He’s probably best known in the Apple universe for the Ken Burns effect, which… Read More »

Horizon – How To Capture Horizontal Videos On iPhone
January 28, 2014 -

If you have ever taken a portrait video with your iOS device, you know how frustrating the results can be. Portrait videos pit a majority of the screen as black, and it never captures the… Read More »

Kit Camera – The Best iPhone Camera App Yet
January 24, 2014 -

Many of us take a ton of photos and videos with our iPhone, and yet Apple’s stock camera app leaves quite a bit to be desired. If you want to take pictures with your iPhone,… Read More »

Fuzel – Seamlessly Making Creative Collages In iOS 7
November 27, 2013 -

The iPhone is quite a capable camera, and one of the best aspects is all of the software on the device to work with all of the photos that the camera can capture. Collages are… Read More »

Beautiful Mosaic – A Blurry Definition Of A Mosaic
November 7, 2013 -

Crafting mosaics can take a lot of work, but there’s a new iPhone app that makes the process a whole lot easier. Beautiful Mosaic is essentially a new photo effects app, and while there are… Read More »