Platformer Reviews

Roll Back Home – Sketching Out A Ball Rolling Adventure
April 15, 2014 -

Tilt based games have been hit or miss on iOS with many trending towards the ball rolling adventure variety. Roll Back Home is a new addition that instantly stands out due to a hand drawn… Read More »

Wind up Knight 2 – Needs To Be Wound Tight
April 11, 2014 -

We have heard the story before, the princess has been captured, and it’s up to a brave knight to save her. That’s your goal in Wind up Knight 2, where your knight may not have… Read More »

Adventure Beaks – Platforming With A Penguin Party
April 1, 2014 -

Can you help a penguin party run, jump, slide, and dive their way to reach ancient artifacts? That’s your goal in Adventure Beaks, which is a penguin platformer that is intelligently designed for iOS. Rather… Read More »

Deadlings – A Lively Action Platformer
March 31, 2014 -

Zombies aren’t the best minions since they need a guiding hand to get anything done, but they still can be used. Deadlings is a new puzzle platformer game that relies on helping Grim Reaper guide… Read More »

Devious Dungeon – Action Packed Dungeon Crawling
March 7, 2014 -

The kingdom is under attack from the bottom as the catacombs are filled with enemies, and it’s up to you to dispose of all the monsters. That’s your plight in Devious Dungeon, the latest from… Read More »

Rocket Robo – Reaching For The Stars
February 5, 2014 -

There’s a lighthouse in the middle of space that needs repair, and it’s up to you to guide a little robot to fix it. The lighthouse is powered by stars, so your goal is to… Read More »

Shadow Blade – Flowing Through Ninja Action
January 17, 2014 -

Before proceeding, you should adjust your mindset to the way of the ninja. You need to be prepared to take in all of your surroundings while proceeding stealthy, yet with nimble moves, and deadly precision…. Read More »

Stealth Inc. – Stepping Out From The Shadows On iOS
November 26, 2013 -

Get your sleuthing shoes on as Stealth Inc. is now available for iOS providing a stealth based platformer set in a mechanical world. The game is all about moving through the shadows to avoid security… Read More »

Rayman Fiesta Run – An Extended Jungle Party
November 8, 2013 -

There are more and more successful games on iOS, which leads to developers building upon these franchises with iterative new releases. Rayman Fiesta Run is a follow up to Rayman Jungle Run, and is more… Read More »

BIT.TRIP RUN! – A Good Sprint, But Stumbles A Bit
November 1, 2013 -

There are so many games in the App Store, and yet there are so many games outside of it that would seem to be great for iOS. The BIT.TRIP series has been a stand out,… Read More »