Productivity Reviews

Airmail – The New Way To Manage Your Inbox?
March 9, 2016 -

E-mail is still a valuable form of communication, and there are a ton of e-mail apps to choose from. Airmail 2 launched on the Mac with OS X El Capitan, and came to the iPhone… Read More »

OS X El Capitan – Should You Upgrade Your Mac Today?
September 30, 2015 -

A few people have asked me if they should upgrade their Mac to OS X El Capitan today on the first day of availability. It’s definitely an answer that is different on a case by… Read More »

LiquidText – A New Standard For Note Taking Apps
September 8, 2015 -

There are a lot of ways to read on iOS, and a number of methods to take notes. LiquidText is a new app that lets you read and take notes simultaneously with a powerful feature… Read More »

Alfred Remote – Controlling Your Powerful Mac Butler From iOS
February 2, 2015 -

Alfred is a powerful Mac utility that acts as a quick launcher as well as a deluxe automation utility thanks to various workflows. Alfred is like the grandaddy of Workflow on iOS as it offers… Read More »

Workflow – Operating On iOS Like Never Before
December 17, 2014 -

Your iOS device is quite capable thanks to all of the various utilities in the App Store. Workflow is a brand new utility that just may be the most powerful yet by offloading your workload… Read More »

NinType – Typing On iOS Like Never Before
December 10, 2014 -

Third party keyboards are a major part of iOS 8, and we have seen quite a few with varying results. Nintype is a new entry that emphasizes the swipe style keyboard, but it’s more than… Read More »

Alter – Copy & Paste To Create A To-Do List
August 19, 2014 -

There are all kinds of to-do apps, and yet new ideas keep sprouting up. Alter is a great example, as it lets you transform basic text into a to-do list. All you do is copy… Read More »

Hanx Writer – Can Tom Hanks Turn Your iPad Into A Typewriter?
August 14, 2014 -

Tom Hanks is one of the best actors of a generation, and now he has used his brand recognition to power a new word processing app. Hanx Writer was thought of by Tom Hanks, and… Read More »

Task Player – Your Tasks As A Music Playlist
July 23, 2014 -

There seem to be more task management apps than there are tasks in our lives, but yet new ones keep coming. It seems like every idea has been used for task managers, but surprisingly Task… Read More »

Adobe Voice – Now Everyone Can Tell A Quality Story
May 9, 2014 -

Creating an animated video sounds like an arduous task that takes at least some level of expertise. Adobe is looking to change that notion with their new iPad Adobe Voice, which offers a new creation… Read More »