Productivity Reviews

Mail Pilot – Trying To Guide You Through A Cluttered Inbox
April 16, 2013 -

E-mail clients seem to be all the rage lately in the App Store, and Mail Pilot has just flown in. The first thing you notice about Mail Pilot is its $14.99 price tag which definitely… Read More »

Status Board – A Demo Of What Could Be On The iPad
April 11, 2013 -

There’s all kinds of data to keep track of depending on what you do, and what your interests are. Status Board is a new iPad app that is all about transforming your iPad screen into… Read More »

Incredimail – Incredible Revolution Of iPad E-mail
March 20, 2013 -

E-mail on the iPad has so much potential, but Apple’s Mail leaves quite a bit to desired, and there’s no real great third party alternative. Mailbox has gotten a lot of publicity lately, and deservedly… Read More »

Rise Alarm Clock – Waking Up To Simplicity
February 27, 2013 -

There are so many alternatives to Apple’s stock app, and it seems each genre is constantly battling functionality versus design. There have been some very stylized additions to the App Store along the lines of… Read More »

Carrot – Tries To Be Personal, Comes Across Stale
February 26, 2013 -

With so many to-do apps in the App Store you would think that we have seen everything. CARROT is definitely different as it adds in a personality component to the typical to-do list. Carrot’s mood… Read More »

Mailbox – Revolutionizing Mobile E-mail For Good
February 8, 2013 -

When it comes to e-mail there hasn’t been much innovation for quite awhile, especially when it comes to mobile e-mail. For the most part, mobile counterparts are simpler stripped down versions, and very few take… Read More »

Chorma – Effortless Collaboration For Household Chores
January 23, 2013 -

There are enough task manager apps that you can enter one task in each one for your whole life, and not fill them all. Each one is always trying for something new to stand out,… Read More »

MyScript Calculator – Jaw Dropping, Yet Practical
December 21, 2012 -

It’s not everyday that you come across an app that is truly jaw dropping, but that’s exactly what MyScript Calculator is. There are plenty of calculator and math apps in the App Store, but none… Read More »

Yahoo Mail – Delivering All New iPhone E-Mail
December 12, 2012 -

Yahoo Mail is one of the most popular services around, but up until this point, the only way to access it on your iPhone is through Safari. Now, there’s an official Yahoo Mail iPhone app… Read More »

Notability – Unleash Your iPad’s Productivity
December 3, 2012 -

Notability has been in the App Store for awhile, but up until this point it has had a tough time distinguishing itself from the many other iPad note taking apps including Penuiltimate, Notes Plus, and… Read More »