Puzzle Reviews

“HOOK” – Will The Puzzles Reel You In?
February 18, 2015 -

A lot of iOS games deliver over the top hectic challenges, and yet “HOOK” aims for the opposite. “HOOK” is a new puzzle game that emphasizes minimalism with a relaxing, and contemplative challenge. Every level… Read More »

Plug & Play – A Strange Odyssey Wrapped In An Enigma
February 11, 2015 -

There are quite a few iOS creations that don’t fit into black and white categorizations. Plug & Play is definitely one of those apps that does deliver black and white styling, but for an app… Read More »

Odd Bot Out – Does It Put The Right Pieces In Place?
February 5, 2015 -

All robots in an assembly line would seem to be the same. In Odd Bot Out, you get to play as the odd bot, who doesn’t reach the heights of the other robots, sending it… Read More »

Satellina – Touching An All New Puzzle Flow
January 26, 2015 -

Touch can allow for all new types of games, and it’s up to developers to take advantage of all that can be done with it. Satellina is a new arcade puzzle challenge that revolves around… Read More »

Bust-A-Move Islands – Hitting A New Groove With Anyone
January 20, 2015 -

Bust-A-Move is a classic gaming franchise that put the match three bubble shooter on the map. There have been plenty of iOS games delivering a similar style, but none quite like Bust-A-Move with Bub and… Read More »

Socioball – Sharing An Enjoyable Puzzle
January 15, 2015 -

Puzzle games aren’t the most social type of games, but don’t tell that to Socioball. It’s a new iOS puzzle game that cultivates challenge, creativity, and sharing into a relatively unique creation. The heart of… Read More »

Shadowmatic – Shining Through The App Store Shadows
January 15, 2015 -

Have you ever tried to make shadow puppets with just your hands, and a flashlight? Shadowmatic is a new iOS game that relies on the core concept of shadow puppets, but evolves it into a… Read More »

Puzzle Blitz – Piecing Together A Great Challenge
January 14, 2015 -

Puzzle games come in all shapes, and sizes, and Puzzle Blitz is a new game that relies on various shapes, and sizes to challenge you. Puzzle Blitz is a follow-up to PuzzleBits, and both games… Read More »

McLeft LeRight – Move One Way, And Look The Other
December 17, 2014 -

Take a look at your mirror image, and it’s easy to tell that everything is flipped. McLeft LeRight is a new puzzle game which revolves around mirror imagery. You get to play as two different… Read More »

Kiwi Clapas – Herding Kiwis With Classic Action Puzzle Style
December 8, 2014 -

If you remember the classic Windows 95 game Jezz Ball, then the new iOS game Kiwi Clapas will be quite familiar. If you don’t know Jezz Ball, the most well known counterpart on iOS is… Read More »