Puzzle Reviews

Outfolded – Unwrapping A New Puzzle Challenge?
August 23, 2016 -

Have you ever seen a cube unfolded with the six sides spread out like a “T”? Outfolded is a new iOS puzzle game that is all about unfolding shapes to travel from point A to… Read More »

Deus Ex Go – All New Augmentations To Go Through On iOS
August 18, 2016 -

Square Enix has a hit series for mobile devices in the form of their “Go” versions of their popular franchises. Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go both deliver engaging puzzle challenges that fit their respective… Read More »

Colorcube – Piecing Together A New iOS Challenge
August 17, 2016 -

t There are many mindless games out there, and there’s always a place for those types of games. Sometimes though, you want a game that requires thinking, and that’s what Colorcube is all about. The… Read More »

Road Not Taken – Should You Take The Path On iOS?
July 29, 2016 -

Children are stranded in the bitter cold, and it’s up to you to find and rescue them in the new iOS game Road Not Taken. It comes from Spry Fox, the makers of Triple Town,… Read More »

“Klocki” – Piecing Together A Good Puzzler On iOS?
July 14, 2016 -

A good puzzle game lets you sit back, relax, and get lost in thinking about solutions. “Klocki” is a new puzzle game from the makers of “Hook” that is aiming to be a good puzzle… Read More »

Perchang – Are These Contraptions Fantastic?
June 23, 2016 -

Little balls are rolling down the conveyor belt, and your goal is to help them along their route in the new iOS game Perchang. You will activate flippers, fans, magnets, portals, and more to guide… Read More »

Human Resource Machine – Piecing Together A Puzzler
June 2, 2016 -

Machines are more and more capable leaving less need for some types of employees. Human Resource Machine is a new iOS game that tests your logic puzzle skills to create autonomous human work to fight… Read More »

Warp Shift – Sliding Your Brain Around On iOS
May 26, 2016 -

A little girl was walking along when the ground collapses, which sends her spiraling into an underground maze like chamber. It’s your job to guide her out of her predicament in the new iOS game… Read More »

Mekorama – Puzzling Over Beautiful Craftsmanship
May 19, 2016 -

Life isn’t always easy for a tiny robot that doesn’t exactly fit the mold. Last year, you were tasked with helping that tiny robot through a puzzle filled recycle area in Odd Bot Out. Now,… Read More »

Uncharted Fortune Hunter – Nathan Drake Go For iOS
May 10, 2016 -

Uncharted 4 launched on PS4 today, and there’s a new iOS game to go along with it. Uncharted Fortune Hunter is an action puzzle game in which you guide the protagonist Nathan Drake to a… Read More »