Puzzle Reviews

Blendoku 2 – A Colorful Sequel With Tons More Puzzles
November 24, 2015 -

Do you know those paint cards at hardware stores that range from light to dark of different shades? Blendoku is a puzzle game that capitalizes on that idea as you drag and drop colors into… Read More »

Beneath The Lighthouse – Going For A Puzzle Spin On iOS
November 11, 2015 -

It’s easy to see what goes on top of the lighthouse with the big glaring light to pierce through the dark and fog. Have you ever wondered what goes on beneath the lighthouse? Well, now… Read More »

Fold The World – Unfolding A Nice Puzzle Challenge
November 10, 2015 -

The Paper Kingdom is in trouble from the Lord of Darkness, and it’s up to two springs to save the world in the new iOS game Fold The World. Your job is to fold the… Read More »

Leonardo’s Cat – An Inventive Physics Puzzle Game
November 6, 2015 -

Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most accomplished people in history with his inventions, paintings, and medical drawings. Leonardo’s Cat is a new physics puzzle game that tells the tale of Michelangelo stealing da… Read More »

Please Don’t Touch Anything – Go Ahead, And Touch The Red Button
October 22, 2015 -

When your friend takes a bathroom break, he puts you in charge and simply says, “Please, Don’t Touch Anything”. That’s easier said than done with a big red button starring at you, and with that… Read More »

Monkeyrama – More Fun Than A Barrel Of Monkeys
October 21, 2015 -

There’s nothing quite like throwing an item at a stack of other items in an attempt to knock everything down. From milk jugs at the carnival to Boom Blox on the Wii, there have been… Read More »

Heroes Reborn Enigma – Using Powers For Puzzles
October 14, 2015 -

Heroes is back on TV in the form of Heroes Reborn, and now there’s a new iOS game to go along with the TV show. Heroes Reborn Enigma delivers a 3D first person action puzzle… Read More »

Super Sharp – Slicing Open A New Action Puzzle Game
October 8, 2015 -

The makers of Mr Jump, Poptile, Pile, Quetzalcoatl, and others continue to supply minimalistic design with engaging challenges. Their latest effort is Super Sharp, which lets you slice shapes with your fingers in an attempt to move those… Read More »

King’s Color – Playing Games With Your Brain
October 7, 2015 -

It’s interesting to consider how your mind takes in information, and then recognizes it to act upon the given information. King’s Color is a new puzzle game that tests your recognition skills through three different… Read More »

Hocus – Puzzling Through Optical Illusions On iOS
October 6, 2015 -

If you have ever played Monument Valley, then the MC Escher style puzzle mechanics of Hocus. is instantly familiar. Monument Valley went above and beyond on design polish, yet Hocus trends the other way with… Read More »