Racing Reviews

AG Drive – Racing Into The Future On iOS
February 20, 2015 -

Numerous entertainment pieces have shown versions of the future, but none seem as compelling as futuristic racing games. AG Drive is a new futuristic racer for iOS that lets you pilot an anti-gravity race craft… Read More »

Daytona Rush – Can You Race Endlessly On iOS?
February 17, 2015 -

When you think of racing, it’s easy to think of NASCAR racing. A game based on NASCAR racing sounds like a good idea letting you get behind the wheel, drive at high speeds, pass cars,… Read More »

Yak Dash: Horns of Glory – Flipping For Yaks On iOS
January 23, 2015 -

Yak’s aren’t the most fleet of foot creatures, but that doesn’t mean you can’t race them. Yak Dash: Horns of Glory is a new 2D side scrolling racing game where you ride on a yak… Read More »

Rocket Cars – Having A Blast With Chaotic Racing
January 22, 2015 -

Get ready for speed, tricks, and crazy courses in the new iOS game Rocket Cars. It comes from Illusion Labs, the makers of some great iOS games including Touchgrind Skate 2, Touchgrind BMX, Blast-A-Way, and… Read More »

Mini Motor Racing WRT – Macro Game With Micro Racing
December 19, 2014 -

Mini Motor Racing sped on to the App Store three years ago, and it delivered entertaining micro car arcade racing fun. Now, there’s Mini Motor Racing WRT, which maintains the style, but introduces a whole… Read More »

Earn To Die 2 – Codename: Grind To Die Again
November 24, 2014 -

A zombie apocalypse gives you little time to plan, and even less time to act on the consequences. Earn To Die 2 gives you a car to handle the zombie apocalypse allowing you to plow… Read More »

Checkpoint Champion – Gone In 10 Seconds On iOS
November 20, 2014 -

There’s nothing like getting behind the wheel of a racecar, or even an authentic first person 3D racing game. Checkpoint Champion isn’t like that at all, and instead requires you to control a micro machine… Read More »

Monkey Racing – A Kart Full Of Monkeys
November 6, 2014 -

Kart racing can lead to good fun since it’s such an accessible genre with free flowing hectic action. You know what makes it even more entertaining? Monkeys! At least, that’s the idea of Monkey Racing,… Read More »

Asphalt Overdrive – Switching Lanes At High Speeds
September 25, 2014 -

Gameloft’s Asphalt series is highly popular, and has reason to be with the quality arcade racing it provides. Now, there’s Asphalt Overdrive, which maintains the name, but offers a brand new style. Asphalt Overdrive is… Read More »

Beach Buggy Racing – Buckle Up For A Wild Ride
September 23, 2014 -

Kart racers all relatively blend together as various derivatives of Mario Kart. Beach Buggy Racing comes from the makers of Riptide GP, and offers a very familiar set-up. You have fast paced racing, cartoonish racers,… Read More »