Racing Reviews

Wrong Way Racing – How Long Can You Race In Circles?
June 6, 2014 -

Simple fast paced arcade games have becomes quite popular on iOS, and Wrong Way Racing is a brand new one. It comes from the maker of Cubed Rally Redline, Cubed Snowboarding, and other similar games… Read More »

Trials Frontier – Balancing The Obstacle Filled App Store
April 14, 2014 -

Trials is a classic gaming franchise that is trying to rev new life into its engines with the new iOS version, Trials Frontier. The franchise is known for requiring you to drive a motorcycle through… Read More »

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed – All New Kart Racing
January 29, 2014 -

It seems that Sonic, and Sega are stuck in the past with their best games behind them. That might not be the case with the new release of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, which is… Read More »

Angry Birds Go – The Birds Go Downhill Fast
December 16, 2013 -

The Angry Birds have been launched every which way, but now they’re finally spreading their wings to a new game type in Angry Birds Go. It’s a kart racer allowing the birds to jump into… Read More »

CSR Classics – Trying To Restore A Rust Bucket
October 21, 2013 -

CSR Racing is an interesting case study as it has gained a lot of popularity, with a very extensive freemium structure, and limited gaming element. The game is all about drag racing that requires the… Read More »

2K Drive – A Sleepy Sunday Drive To Steer Through
September 9, 2013 -

There’s an ever changing field racing for first place in the App Store among racing games. The latest entrant is 2K Drive, which offers a realistic racing simulation that includes licensed cars and authentic driving… Read More »

Asphalt 8: Airborne – Racing To The Top Of iOS
August 23, 2013 -

Get ready to slam the pedal to the metal, and leave it there because Gameloft’s arcade racing series is in an all new form on iOS. Asphalt 8 is all about fast paced action where… Read More »

Smash Bandits – Trying To Getaway With A Small Payload
August 23, 2013 -

Smash Cops is one excellent game that has withstood the test of time by still delivering action packed enjoyment today. With that pedigree, it makes sense to be excited for the brand new sequel Smash… Read More »

Delta-V Racing – Genre Mash-Up For Chaotic Racing
July 30, 2013 -

Imagine a combat racer like Death Rally mixed with a 2D side scrolling shooter. If you can imagine that, you have the basis for Delta-V Racing which presents you with snaking courses to race through…. Read More »

Riptide GP2 – The Sequel Makes Quite A Splash
July 26, 2013 -

Racing can be an exhilarating experience no matter the form, and watercraft racing is no exception. Riptide GP is an aquatic racer with plenty of speed as you propel through rivers, canals, and other water… Read More »