RPG Reviews

Star Wars Uprising – Is There An Awakening On iOS?
September 15, 2015 -

The Star Wars universe is a vast place with many potential storylines and interesting areas to explore. Star Wars Uprising is a new iOS game that focuses on the events in between the end of… Read More »

World of Warriors: Quest – Turning Into A Strategy Game On iOS
August 7, 2015 -

World of Warriors launched last November delivering an Infinity Blade style combat game, but with a cartoon style, wide cast of characters, and more tapping sequences. Now, there’s World of Warriors: Quest, which provides a… Read More »

Microgure – Rogue-like Fun In A Pocket Package
May 6, 2015 -

There are a lot of deluxe 3D RPG adventures on the App Store that give dozens of hours of play time, and immersive action. Microgue is a new game from the makers of Aralon and… Read More »

BlitzKeep – Launching Into A New Adventure
February 4, 2015 -

It’s great to see new game ideas that combines genres you wouldn’t normally think go together. BlitzKeep is a mash-up of RPG, and pinball to create something you have never played before. You begin by… Read More »

Exiles – A Huge Sci-Fi Adventure To Explore
January 29, 2015 -

A short time in the future, in a galaxy not that far away comes Exiles from the makers of Ravensword. It delivers a 3D Sci-Fi RPG open world adventure that lets you play as an… Read More »

Wizard Golf RPG – Crazy Combo Makes For Good Fun
January 14, 2015 -

There are some great combinations out there like peanut butter and jelly, Romeo and Juliet, steak and potatoes, bread and button, or dungeon crawler and golf. Wait, one of those is not like the others…. Read More »

Goblin Sword – Slashing Into Classic Style With Skill
September 12, 2014 -

Retro inspired games have made quite a home on iOS to give new life to classics games with all new inspiration. Goblin Sword is an action RPG platformer taking cues from the past to create… Read More »

The Nightmare Cooperative – RPG & Puzzle Working Together
September 3, 2014 -

If you have to crawl through dungeons, it’s best to do it together. In The Nightmare Cooperative you get to play with a band of diverse characters aiming to gather gold from various dungeons to… Read More »

Storm Casters – Casting A Spell On Your iOS Device
June 30, 2014 -

Action arcade games have proven to be hits on iOS, but that style hasn’t been the forte of the dungeon crawler genre. That doesn’t mean it can’t be, and Storm Casters is a new game… Read More »

Angry Birds Epic – Boldly Going Where No Bird Has Gone Before
June 16, 2014 -

The Angry Birds have generated over a billion downloads across all of their different sling-shotting escapades across Angry Birds, Seasons, Rio, Space, Star Wars I, and Star Wars II, plus a pig centric spin-off, and go-kart racer. Now, they’re spreading their wings with… Read More »