Sports Reviews

NBA 2K17 – Shooting For The Game Winner On iOS
September 23, 2016 -

The NBA season doesn’t kick off until the end of October, but you can play some NBA action on your iOS device now with the release of NBA 2K17. Last year’s edition delivered the first… Read More »

NBA Live Mobile – Taking A Shot From Deep On iOS
July 7, 2016 -

The NBA season may be over, but EA wants you to keep playing basketball with the new NBA Live Mobile. The NBA Live franchise has had tough sledding on consoles over the past few years,… Read More »

Super Stickman Golf 3 – Is It A Hole In One On Your iOS Device?
July 7, 2016 -

It’s time to hit the links for a third time with the release of Super Stickman Golf 3. The sequel came out in 2013, and three years later, there’s still room for a new arcade… Read More »

One Tap Tennis – A Quick Game Of Finger Tennis
May 24, 2016 -

Tennis is a sport that requires a lot of activity to run down the ball, and hit it back. One Tap Tennis is a new iOS game that has simplified the game of tennis down… Read More »

Microgolf Masters – Does It Sink The Putt On iOS?
May 11, 2016 -

There are a lot of ways to play mini-golf on iOS, and yet not one has struck the perfect balance yet. Microgolf Masters is a new mini-golf game that emphasizes online multiplayer, similar to Mini… Read More »

R.B.I. Baseball 16 – Swinging For The Fences, Settling For A Single
April 5, 2016 -

Baseball season is here, and there’s a new edition of R.B.I. Baseball to play on your iOS device. R.B.I. Baseball 16 maintains the style of a baseball simulation with the 2016 schedule and rosters officially… Read More »

Tennis Champs Returns – Does It Serve An Ace On iOS?
February 18, 2016 -

The App Store has just served up an arcade classic in an all new form. Tennis Champs Returns is based on the original Amiga arcade game, but redone for today’s standards with iOS in mind…. Read More »

Snowboard Party 2 – Amplified Downhill Tricks On iOS
December 2, 2015 -

Snowboarding is an activity that can be dangerous, and is performed in the freezing cold. Snowboard Party 2 is a new iOS game giving you snowboarding from the comfort of your iOS device. The sequel… Read More »

NBA 2K16 – Is It A Slam Dunk On iOS?
October 15, 2015 -

NBA 2K is the name in basketball simulations on consoles, and has really been the only choice on iOS. Each year we hope for the best and 2K has yet to really deliver the full… Read More »

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team – Kicking Ahead For The New Year?
September 24, 2015 -

FIFA has been a top tier iOS sports game year in and year out, and now there’s the new installment FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. The core game of soccer returns, and this year’s edition emphasizes… Read More »