Sports Reviews

120 Sports – Swinging For The Fences, But Does It Connect?
June 27, 2014 -

The wide world of sports offers tons to talk about, and anyone can provide their own two cents. 120 Sports is a new sports app that offers over eight hours of daily live content that… Read More »

Soccer Stars – Shooting For The Online Multiplayer Cup
June 25, 2014 -

Soccer is trending for the next couple of weeks, and consequently there are a ton of soccer themed games for iOS. One in particular is Soccer Stars, which comes from Miniclip, and offers a similar… Read More »

Uppercup Football – Kicking Up Some Crazy Fun
June 24, 2014 -

The World Cup is in full swing, and it gets many in futbol/soccer fever around the globe. That has resulted in a glut of soccer games, and one intriguing new entry is Uppercup Football. It’s… Read More »

King of the Course – An Enjoyable Round Of Arcade Golf
June 16, 2014 -

Golf is a thinking man’s game with a methodical approach that requires skillful precision, and calculated actions. There are two kinds of golf games with either a realistic approach, or a more free flowing arcade… Read More »

Soccer Rally 2 – An All New Way To Kick It On iOS
May 13, 2014 -

Soccer is usually played on a 100 yard pitch with 11 players on both teams kicking the ball around. Soccer Rally 2 changes it up completely by adding in cars in small arenas with head… Read More »

iOOTP Baseball 2014 Edition – Taking The Ball Game With You
April 18, 2014 -

Baseball season is in full swing, and with Out of the Park Baseball, you can manage your own season based on the real thing. OOTP has become a standard by which all other sports management… Read More »

R.B.I. Baseball 14 – Swinging For The Fences
April 11, 2014 -

For some unknown reason, sports games really haven’t gotten a footing on iOS with so many poor efforts from well known franchises. Baseball games are especially sparse, but R.B.I. Baseball 14 is looking to change… Read More »

Astro Golf – An All New Way To Mini-Golf On iOS
February 25, 2014 -

Who doesn’t like a round of mini-golf? Sadly, there aren’t any stand out mini-golf games on iOS with most apps looking like ports of Flash games from the early 2000s. Astro Golf is a brand… Read More »

Out Of The Park Baseball 14 – The Best Gift For A Baseball Fan
December 17, 2013 -

Baseball is a sport that lives in the present, and the past at the same time with every present achievement taken in the context of the past. It’s tough for any game to replicate the… Read More »

Touchgrind Skate 2 – Tricked Out Touch Gaming
November 22, 2013 -

There’s nothing quite like directly manipulating an on screen object on your iOS device as though you’re playing with the real thing. Illusion Labs has done a great job of providing a fingerboard to play… Read More »