Sports Reviews

Tap Sports Baseball – Is It A Hit, Or Strikeout?
August 14, 2014 -

Baseball season is fast approaching the pennant races, and there’s a new iOS baseball game to partake in. Tap Sports Baseball comes to the App Store courtesy of Glu, and provides a quick pick up… Read More »

Soccer Physics – Flipping For An All New Soccer Game
August 12, 2014 -

Soccer is a bit slow moving with the huge pitch, offsides penalties, and deliberate passing. Soccer Physics is soccer condensed down into a fast paced arcade form with the entire play field on a single… Read More »

120 Sports – Swinging For The Fences, But Does It Connect?
June 27, 2014 -

The wide world of sports offers tons to talk about, and anyone can provide their own two cents. 120 Sports is a new sports app that offers over eight hours of daily live content that… Read More »

Soccer Stars – Shooting For The Online Multiplayer Cup
June 25, 2014 -

Soccer is trending for the next couple of weeks, and consequently there are a ton of soccer themed games for iOS. One in particular is Soccer Stars, which comes from Miniclip, and offers a similar… Read More »

Uppercup Football – Kicking Up Some Crazy Fun
June 24, 2014 -

The World Cup is in full swing, and it gets many in futbol/soccer fever around the globe. That has resulted in a glut of soccer games, and one intriguing new entry is Uppercup Football. It’s… Read More »

King of the Course – An Enjoyable Round Of Arcade Golf
June 16, 2014 -

Golf is a thinking man’s game with a methodical approach that requires skillful precision, and calculated actions. There are two kinds of golf games with either a realistic approach, or a more free flowing arcade… Read More »

Soccer Rally 2 – An All New Way To Kick It On iOS
May 13, 2014 -

Soccer is usually played on a 100 yard pitch with 11 players on both teams kicking the ball around. Soccer Rally 2 changes it up completely by adding in cars in small arenas with head… Read More »

iOOTP Baseball 2014 Edition – Taking The Ball Game With You
April 18, 2014 -

Baseball season is in full swing, and with Out of the Park Baseball, you can manage your own season based on the real thing. OOTP has become a standard by which all other sports management… Read More »

R.B.I. Baseball 14 – Swinging For The Fences
April 11, 2014 -

For some unknown reason, sports games really haven’t gotten a footing on iOS with so many poor efforts from well known franchises. Baseball games are especially sparse, but R.B.I. Baseball 14 is looking to change… Read More »

Astro Golf – An All New Way To Mini-Golf On iOS
February 25, 2014 -

Who doesn’t like a round of mini-golf? Sadly, there aren’t any stand out mini-golf games on iOS with most apps looking like ports of Flash games from the early 2000s. Astro Golf is a brand… Read More »