Utilities Reviews

AppZilla 4 – Having A Lot, And A Little At Once
March 31, 2014 -

There are so many different types of apps out there, and they can start to clutter up your iPhone screen. AppZilla has always been a popular resource because it provides tons of apps all encompassed… Read More »

Next Expense Tracking – See Where Your Money Goes
March 26, 2014 -

There are so many expenses that pop up on a daily basis, and it can be hard to keep track of them all. There are a number of expense trackers for your iPhone allowing you… Read More »

Couch Music Player – The iPad Becomes A New Age Jukebox
March 11, 2014 -

The iPad is a handy couch accessory, and it does a great job of playing back music, not only to its own speakers, but to many other speaker systems as well. That’s why the new… Read More »

Cryptocat – Clawing At Messaging Privacy
March 5, 2014 -

Privacy is a major concern as of late, and while most of our conversations don’t warrant surveillance, you still may not want your messages read by any third party. Your messages can be gathered by… Read More »

ETA – Simply Knowing How Long It Takes
February 28, 2014 -

There are various locations we travel to all the time like work, home, market, friend’s house, local attractions, airport, and more. Most of the time we know the route to these places since we frequently… Read More »

Reporter App – Tracking Your Day Like Never Before
February 26, 2014 -

There are so many things that happen in our daily lives that it can be tough to keep track of it all. Your iPhone goes with you most of the time, and it can be… Read More »

CalCube – Offering A New Dimension Of Calendar Apps
February 19, 2014 -

There are so many calendar apps in the App Store, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a new entrant with all new value. CalCube is all about simplicity allowing for quick entry of… Read More »

Slice Fractions – Cutting Through A Beginner’s Challenge
February 18, 2014 -

Math can be an intimidating subject for many youngsters, but there are a number of iPad educational apps aiming to make the subject more friendly. Slice Fractions is one such app, and it focuses on… Read More »

Buyer Beware: Weather Live On Your Screen Is A Lie
February 10, 2014 -

There are so many apps available, and yet most aren’t worth your time. There are a number of promising new entries, which the app Weather live on your Screen for iOS 7 is. The app… Read More »

Dark Sky – An iOS Weather App That You Can Depend On
February 4, 2014 -

Weather apps seem to be a dime a dozen with most offering an identical feature set in different stylized packages. Dark Sky is a different type of weather app that uses an advanced prediction engine… Read More »