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The Trace – Investigating The Room On iOS
April 1, 2015 -

A murder has been committed, and you’re on the case in the new iOS game The Trace: Murder Mystery Game. It’s a 3D puzzle adventure that requires you to investigate a crime scene, and uncover… Read More »

CARROT Weather – Hearing All About The Weather
March 27, 2015 -

The weather is something that is always there, but only noticeable when there’s an extreme event whether it’s heat, cool, precipitation, wind, etc. Weather is meant for the background, but still interesting to keep an… Read More »

Breath of Light – Does It Breath Life In The App Store?
March 26, 2015 -

There are tons of quick action arcade games in the App Store that can get your heart rate up. Breath of Light is not one of them, and instead is on the opposite end of… Read More »

Silly Sausage in Meat Land – Stretching Out On iOS
March 26, 2015 -

Nitrome has had quite a stretch of iOS releases with IceBreaker, GunBrick, Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire, and more. Silly Sausage in Meat Land is their latest game, and it gives you a stretchy Weiner… Read More »

Paper Fox – Finely Crafted Blend Of Storybook & Movie
March 25, 2015 -

Storytelling has been reborn on iOS as the platform merges moving images, and audio with classic text, and touch based interactive features. There are so many great new storybooks for iOS including The Fantastic Flying… Read More »

ETA – Simply Knowing How Long It Takes
March 24, 2015 -

There are various locations we travel to all the time like work, home, market, friend’s house, local attractions, airport, and more. Most of the time we know the route to these places since we frequently… Read More »

Tangled FX – Photo Effects That Truly Stand Out
March 24, 2015 -

Photo effects apps are a dime a dozen in the App Store with too many to count, and most simply blending together. Tangled FX is the newest entrant, and is has a brand new style… Read More »

Next Expense Tracking – See Where Your Money Goes
March 24, 2015 -

There are so many expenses that pop up on a daily basis, and it can be hard to keep track of them all. There are a number of expense trackers for your iPhone allowing you… Read More »

Stan Lee’s Hero Command – Does It Pack A Punch?
March 20, 2015 -

Stan Lee is known for co-creating some of the most well known super heroes around. Now, with the help of F84 Games, Stan Lee has created three all new super heroes for the new iOS… Read More »

Stormblades – It’s Raining Infinity Blades
March 20, 2015 -

You know that game where you swipe to perform sword combat with huge monsters? It’s called Infinity Blade, which has seen three installments, and it seems like a fourth has just appeared in the App… Read More »