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Chronology: Time Changes Everything – Taking Your Time
September 12, 2014 -

Time is an unstoppable force that shapes everything, and dictates so much. Chronology: Time Changes Everything is a new game that focuses on time to offer a unique gameplay mechanic. It’s a puzzle platformer where… Read More »

The Sleeping Prince – Flicking The Snooze Button
September 11, 2014 -

We have all heard the stories of the valiant prince saving the princess, or kingdom with great heroism. The Sleeping Prince is a new iOS game that offers a twist on the age old story… Read More »

Spider-Man Unlimited – Does Whatever An Endless Runner Can
September 11, 2014 -

Spider-Man keeps getting rebooted these days whether it’s movies, or games. Spider-Man Unlimited is a new Spider-Man game from Gameloft, just a few months after their movie tie-in version of Spider-Man 2. The Unlimited version… Read More »

Angry Birds Stella – Are We Getting Slingshot Whiplash?
September 8, 2014 -

The Angry Birds are back at it with a new girl powered version of the familiar bird slingshotting physics puzzle action. Angry Birds Stella goes back to the original formula of the six previous Angry… Read More »

Super Monkey Ball Bounce – Monkey See, Monkey Do
September 8, 2014 -

Super Monkey Ball has its own genre with the ball rolling adventure style, but now Sega is dabbling in an established genre with the Super Monkey Ball theme. Super Monkey Ball Bounce is an action… Read More »

CounterSpy – Sony Spies On iOS With A Stealth Adventure
September 5, 2014 -

Sony has their own consoles to publish games to including a mobile platform, but that hasn’t stopped them from bringing CounterSpy to iOS. The game launched as a surprise today delivering the full game from… Read More »

All Star Quarterback – A Good Football Game For iOS?
September 5, 2014 -

Football season is upon us, but sadly there’s no real quality football games for iOS. Madden is utter garbage once again, and now FullFat is trying their hand with All Star Quarterback. The game plays… Read More »

Gemini Strike – Piloting Into A New Payment Frontier
September 5, 2014 -

Are you ready to blast off into an intense arcade challenge fashioned into a vertical scrolling space shooter? That’s what Gemini Strike is all about,providing intense sequences of bullet hell style action. Your ship is… Read More »

Diamond Digger Saga – A Mindless Descent Into Madness
September 5, 2014 -

The makers of Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, Pet Rescue, Papa Pear, and Bubble Witch have a brand new game in the form of Diamond Digger Saga. has always emphasized casual game making with an emphasis on puzzles,… Read More »

Valiant Hearts: The Great War – A Story To Fight For
September 4, 2014 -

The Great War was an unprecedented global scale conflict that affected the course of human history like nothing before. Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a new game set during World War I that provides… Read More »