A Look At Automatic App Updates In iOS 7

One really valuable feature in iOS 7 is automatic app updates so that you don’t have to bother manually checking the update tab on a weekly basis. The App Store no longer needs the badge icon indicating the number of updated apps, especially when many updates are minor bug fixes and tweaks. Claiming to be adding the function, and seeing it in action is completely different, as it wasn’t clear how Apple would implement such a system. After running iOS 7 for a week, we have had three apps updated automatically, and it couldn’t be smoother.
Everything is done in the background to the point that you don’t even notice unless you look for the information. When an update is approved in the App Store, your device will automatically update to the latest version based on your settings. Then, you get a push notification that a specific app is updated. Tapping on the notification takes you to the Updates page in the App Store, and from there you get a similar view as in iOS 6, but the main difference is that the app is already updated. You can read the description of the update, open the app from that page, and the update history is stored on your device, sorted by date.

It’s surprising how well it works in just the first beta of iOS 7, and in fact the entire App Store is a much smoother operator. The best part is that there is a setting to turn automatic updates on or off, giving you the choice. It’s worth noting that there’s no indicator on the home screen if an app has recently been updated. Apple has removed the new banner from newly installed apps, and replaced it with a simple blue dot next to the title of the app. It would be nice if they added a similar indicator, maybe a different color, to updated apps. Overall, it’s just another welcome change in iOS 7.

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