AirPods To Let You Listen Without Cords Or Hassle

Apple had an all new product to announce at the September 7th event. AirPods are Apple’s take on wireless headphones. The AirPods look like EarPods, but with the cords essentially cut off at the base of each headphone. The left and right headphones aren’t connected to one another or the device itself with any wires, and instead emphasize completely wireless connectivity. Speaking of which, Apple AirPods are designed to remove the hassle of connecting wireless headphones to your device.
Apple’s AirPods have an initial one-tap set-up when your device can recognize the AirPods, and your connected settings are synced to iCloud for all of your other devices. After set-up, AirPods are automatically on and always connected, and can sense when they’re in your ears to play music, and out of your ears to pause. Not only that, but you can easily switch from an iPhone to a mac to Apple Watch or an iPad, and AirPods are always ready to play from the given device. AirPods come with a W1 chip to tap into the optical sensors and motion accelerometers to always recognize the AirPods position. AirPods also have voice accelerometers to recognize when you’re speaking, and also focus on the sound of your voice.

The biggest question for wireless headphones is battery life, and Apple is promising up to five hours of battery life for the AirPods. What really helps them stand out is the battery powered carrying case that can offer more than 24 hours of additional battery life. Just placing the AirPods in the carrying case offers wireless charging, and you can recharge the case with a lightning cable. Placing the AirPods in the case can give you three hours of battery life in just 15 minutes. The only question marks remaining are how well the AirPods sit in your ear, and how they perform for noise cancellation. Early tests indicate they hold well even when rocking out or exercising, and they can isolate playback sounds relatively well. We shall see.

The AirPods are slated for release in late October for $159.

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