App Of The Day: PinYinPal – Learn Chinese By Playing A Game

PinYinPal: The ONLY Free Mandarin Chinese word game available played with letters of the alphabetThere are simply some things you don’t expect, but as soon as you see them, you know they’re such good ideas. That definitely applies to PinYinPal, as it’s a brand new way to learn a language. There are all kinds of ways to learn languages, but playing a game may be the best way to actually remember. In a game, you’re engaging, and enjoying playing while not focusing on learning.

PinYinPal is a Scrabble style word game build on translation between English, and Mandarin Chinese. It’s a brilliant idea as it uses the familiar Scrabble style, and then infuses it with all new characters related to the words and letters you’re so familiar with. A single tap on screen can reveal the Mandarin characters tied to the words being spelled out. You can also look up the translation of the words, and even hear the pronunciation. There’s also the familiar features from Words with Friends regarding online play.

The best part is that PinYinPal (Free, iPad) is completely free with no ads or in-app purchases, and lets you simply try out leaning a new language in an all new way.

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