Apple’N’Apps Will Be Live At CES This Week

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 kicks off today for Press, and runs all week in Las Vegas, NV. Apple’N’Apps will be covering the event live from Las Vegas as we look for absolutely everything, and anything that is even remotely connected to Apple and apps. The 2013 show is a bit of transition as the size continues to grow, but the biggest tend setting companies won’t be in attendance. In fact, the biggest tech company, Apple, is missing from CES, as they choose to host their own press events rather than attend any trade shows.

Still though, Apple has a big impact on CES as many other companies attempt to build products to compete with Apple’s products or work alongside Apple products. There may be less trend setters this year, but there may be more products overall, which is an interesting dichotomy. The big new products as usual will be either phones, tablets, or TVs, and any company in all three segments will be unveiling with Apple in mind.

We will cover as much as possible, and provide plenty of updates on the siteTwitter, andFacebook so be sure to keep track of us. Also, we will be uploading plenty of CES videos toour Youtube channel, so be sure to check us out there as well. We look forward to seeing and covering everything Apple and app related at CES, and hope you’re interested as well.

CES 2012 had a lot of great things to see, and we’re hoping 2013 is even better.

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