Apple’N’Apps Will Be Live At MacWorld This Week

The start of the year is always an interesting time, because a number of conventions and conferences are held with products for the new year. It seems like we just got back from CES in Las Vegas, and it’s already time for MacWorld in San Francisco. MacWorld is January 31st to February 2nd this year, and will continue the trend started last year of the MacWorld | iWold rebranding. iOS keeps growing, and will likely be the biggest part of the show with 500 million iOS devices sold all time.

We will be covering the show live starting Thursday to find everything related to Apple and apps for 2013. Unlike CES, MacWolrd | iWorld is all about Apple, so there should be some interesting Apple related apps and products to tell you about this week. Whether it’s apps at Appalooza or all of the iOS & Mac accessories, we will be going through it all. This year, Ashton Kutcher,, and Fred Armisen will be in attendance among others. We’re definitely excited to see all that’s in store, and we hope you are too, because we will be covering a lot of MacWorld items in the later half of this week. If you’re a developer, who wants to meet with us, please contact us at [email protected].

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