CES 2013: Panasonic Does AirPlay Without The Apple TV

Panasonic has been at every CES since the show’s inception, and they had another huge booth in 2013. Their biggest new addition is a 4K OLED TV that was the highlight at all of the TV manufacturers booths. In relation to the iOS world, Panasonic had a surprising new feature across their entire line of 2013 TVs. They have a new second screen technology built into their TVs that they call Swipe & Share 2.0. The feature allows an iOS device to connect to a Panasonic TV just like with AirPlay functionality, but without the need for an Apple TV.

The Viera Remote 2 app is coming soon to the App Store, and the app sets up this connectivity. You can send photos, movies, music, and web pages from your iOS device up to the Panasonic TV all through a single swipe forward gesture. The app also lets you grab a photo shared from your iPhone, and save it to your iPad (supports other mobile devices as well). The app also acts as a second screen to control the Panasonic TV, and on screen apps.

Panasonic has enabled AirPlay like functionality in their 2013 TVs with just a free app, and no need for Apple’s set top box.

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