CES 2013: Soundflow – An All New Type Of Wireless Speaker

CES is so big that it’s tough to find everything related to iOS, but it’s great when you stumble upon something that extremely neat, and practical. Voxx International is a large multi-branded company that is the parent company of RCA, Audiovox, Acoustic Reserach, Jensen, and Klipsch. RCA was once the definite name in home entertainment, but times have definitely changed. That’s why it was so surprising to see an innovative iOS accessory at their booth.

They have a brand new technology known as Soundflow, and they had several Soundflow wireless speaker systems in various sizes. The Soundflow speakers include a soundmat on top, which includes two strips that connect to the speaker system on any mobile device you place on it. You simply start playing music on your iPhone, and then place it on the soundmat, and that audio is then streamed through the speaker. There’s no pairing, syncing, or docking required, and it works practically instantaneously. It’s amazing to see in action as you just place your iPhone on top of the soundmat, and then the audio is playing through the more powerful speaker. The soundflow speakers are expected in the Spring.

Voxx also controls Acoustic Research which has their own wireless speaker system on display. The AR Stream2 is a portable high fidelity speaker system that connects to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac through AirPlay. The goal of Stream is to five you wireless home audio, and there were multiple speakers on display all controlled at once in iTunes. You can move about the house, raising and lowering the volume of the various speakers depending on what room you’re in. The speakers come in one, two, or three packs to set up each room to always have wireless audio, and listen to the same song even while moving around.

Wireless speaker systems were a big trend at CES 2013, and these were two stand outs as they didn’t simply rely on Bluetooth.

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