CES 2014: ION Audio Introduces Bluetooth Cassete Tape Adapter

ION Audio specializes in audio products, but really gained our attention with the release of the iCade, and subsequent spin-offs. For CES 2014, they’re returning to their roots with specialized audio products. The main new addition is their upcoming Cassette Adapter Bluetooth, which gives you a Bluetooth enabled tape desk to connect your iOS device to older stereos. If your car is relatively old, and still has a cassette tape player, then this product is perfect for you.
It’s a pretty neat idea, as the device is fashioned after the old cassette tapes, and works as easy as just popping it in. Your car’s cassette player can become a wireless Bluetooth receiver without hassle, cables, or anything beyond just putting it in. The adapter lasts for six hours, and can be recharged via USB. Pricing and availability is yet to be determined. Ion also showed off their new Party Rocker line-up providing more form factors for their wireless speakers with built-in party lights that range in size from cubes that fit in your hand to mega speaker systems. Finally, ION has new wireless speaker systems that come in the from of clip-ons, ottomans, rocks, and planters.

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