CES 2015: Check Out This Robot Assistant

It’s interesting what you come across at CES, and Budgee just may have been the most interesting. It’s a robotic assistant, which isn’t quite at the level of Rosie from the Jetsons, but it’s definitely a start. Budgee is a personal robot that can carry up to 50 pounds, and it automatically follows a transmitter that you wear. The robot can be used in numerous situations to help you carry the load, and it can also handle sidewalks, as well as avoid obstacles and cliffs. Budgee can move up to four miles per hour, and you can set the distance it follows behind you. budgee It has a ten hour battery life, and weighs in at 20 pounds with a folded option for portability.

It’s tough to imagine a robot following you around to carry things so you don’t have to, but now it can be a reality. Whether it’s groceries, luggage, office work, or much more Budgee can help. Also, you can take Budgee for a spin with manual controls available in an accompanying iOS app. Budgee isn’t cheap as it’s available to pre-order for $1,399.

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