CES 2015: iPhone Case Claims To Double Signal Strength

There are always new iPhone case ideas at CES, and the new Reach79 by Antenna79 is a definite new idea for 2014. The Reach79 claims to boost signal strength up to two times for the iPhone 6/Plus. The company says their case can improve download speed, give fewer dropped calls, and greater signal strength through a patented technology. Since the case provides a stronger signal, Antenna79 explains that your device would consequently use less battery since it doesn’t have to work as hard for a signal. As they explain,

Powered by patented antenna technology, Reach79 cases are the first performance-enhancing smartphone cases designed for speed. Each case is embedded with a micro-thin, gold-plated antenna that works to increase your smartphone’s signal strength so your phone can do more for you.”

The Reach79 case has been tested at CETECOM, a CTIA accredited facility, who verified the claims with tests showing an average of 1.6 times normal strength, with peaks at two times normal signal strength. The case does come with the caveat that user experience does vary based on device, carrier, and location, but that is expected. The case itself also includes military grade drop protection.

The Reach79 cases are available starting today with the iPhone 6 version retailing for $59,99, and the 6 Plus model costing $69.99.

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