CES 2015: Lights On With iOS Connected Smart Light Bulbs

Light bulbs reached a commercially practical state in 1879, and since then have offered very similar convenience. We have seen various shapes, different materials, longer life, LEDs, and more, though they all are relatively the same in being a big step up from candlelight. CES 2015 emphasized a new wave of smart light bulbs that connect to your iOS device. The most well known example is the Philips Hue, which offers color changing on demand, as well as cued to special add-ons. Internet connected household items were a stand out at CES 2015, and connected light bulbs were in great supply.

On the CES show floor, we saw quite a few smart bulbs beginning with the Misfit Bolt. The Bolt is a direct competitor to Philips Hue allowing you to adjust the color, and light intensity of the bulb using your iOS device. The neatest feature is the ability to connect to user generated “scenes” to have specific light patterns to play on your bulb. The Bolt connects to Misfit’s other products like their fitness wearable, and sleep tracker to simulate a sunrise automatically in the morning. The Misfit Bulb is coming in mid-February, and really shines on with the price coming in at $50 for a single bulb, or $130 for a three pack, while the Philips Hue is $60 for a single bulb, and $200 for a three pack.

Another interesting new connected light bulb is the Holî SleepCompanion. The bulb is designed to help you wake up, or doze off by using 20 LEDS that can show different colors, and intensities of light. The accompanying app lets you set a wake up alarm, and bed time with specific light modes for the different situations. You can also use it for mood lighting, and the Holî SleepCompanion is $99, and now shipping.
Lights can now do more than just light up a room. The Ion Sound Shine System turns your everyday light sockets into wireless speaker systems. Each individual light can play music, but you can also link up a set within 30 feet of each other to create true stereo sound. The Sound Shine comes as a pair that will ship in March for $129.99.

The SENGLED Snap may be the most deluxe offering of the bunch, as it’s a lightbulb that includes a camera with face recognition that can also can stream video to your iOS device. The Snap isn’t coming until the summer, but SENGLED also has two available now with the Pulse delivering a wireless speaker, and the Boost acting as a Wi-Fi repeater. 

Who would have though that light bulbs would be such an intense focus on innovation at CES 2015.

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