CES 2015: Parrot Shows Off Advancements For Drones, Cars, Plants, And More

Parrot is one company I always enjoy visiting at CES, and 2015 is no different. They had a lot to share this year beginning with their new line-up of MiniDrones. In 2014, Parrot debuted the Jumping Sumo, and Rolling Spider. In 2015, Parrot is creating a whole new line-up of MiniDrones as extensions of last year’s models. They only had working prototypes without final names, but the features are clear. The Jumping Sumo will see a new cross country model with off-road wheels, a sturdy spine system, and headlights. There’s also a new “Mechanical Firefly”, which adds headlights to the Rolling Spider line, and emphasizes flight.
Parrot is also well versed in in-car systems, and for 2015 they have the Parrot RNB6. It’s a 7” 720P touchscreen that is an after-market system to install in your car. The highlight is that it’s Apple CarPlay enabled for direct integration with your iPhone, including Siri Eyes Free control. Now, you can add CarPlay to your existing car, and gain the full suite of Apple apps made for the car. The RNB6 also features Bluetooth 4.0, 5GHz WiFi, built in camera, steering wheel controls, and ports for GPS, HDMI, microphone input, ethernet, and USB devices. No price was given, and the RNB6 is expected to launch in the second half of 2015.
Parrot announced the Flower Power plant sensor a couple of years ago, and had successors in 2015. The Flower Power H2O offers similar sensors to keep on top of your plants, but also features a new water bottle connector. You can add any screw-top bottle of 0.5L to 2L to act as a water reservoir for up to three weeks. The Flower Power H2O will automatically water your plants while your away based on the stats it gathers. The Parrot Pot is similar, yet as a complete flower pot with a built-in water irrigation system with support for up to one month of autonomous watering.

Finally, Parrot unveiled the Parrot Zik Sport, which builds upon their high quality Zik headphone line. Their high quality over the ear headphones have now been translated into a design dedicated for sports. The wireless sport headphones feature adaptive noise canceling, the “Parrot Concert Hall” effect, and a new Street Mode to adapt the sound as you choose.

Parrot continues to deliver the goods at each CES, and 2015 was no different.

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