CES 2015: Sleep Headphones, Connected Sketchbook, And Biometric Shirts

Big companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google don’t attend CES. That leaves plenty of room for smaller companies with new ideas. There were plenty at CES 2015, and here are three in particular that are worth highlighting. The SleepPhones headphones definitely stood out as they fashioned a pair of headphones into an elastic band. They’re thin, lightweight, and padded to be comfortable enough to be worn while sleeping. It’s a whole new way to fall asleep with your music, or sleep aid soundtracks. SleepPhones come as a wired version for $39.99, a Bluetooth wireless version for $99.99, or a new inductive charging Bluetooth wireless model for $149. They offer 10-12 hours of playback on a single charge, come in multiple colors, and also offer some ambient noise blocking as they deliver a headband.
Drawing on the iPad isn’t as precise as it could be, and that’s where iSketchnote comes into play. Their new Slate lets you write, or draw with your favorite, pen, paper, or notebook, and all of your hand drawn work is transferred automatically to your iPad. The iSketchnote Slate lets you use actual paper, and pen, and still get the ability to have digital versions that then can be edited, or shared. The Slate itself is a Bluetooth enabled writing platform that you place papers on top of, as it provides a scratch-resistant coating that holds the paper in place. It comes with 10 hours of battery life, and weighs just under 14 ounces. All of the conversion is done in real time, and the company also offer pens made specifically to use with slate as well as a kickstand enabled folio cover, and micro SD card slot. The Slate will launch later this year with a premium pack for $180 that includes the Slate plus two pens, and the folio cover.

Hexoskin is a company that makes biometric shirts with built-in sensors to offer light weight, water-resistant smart shirts. They’re optimized for regulation of moisture, and heat, but the highlight is the ability to track steps, calories burned, heart rate, sleep duration, heart rate recovery, acceleration, breathing volume, and quality of sleep. All of the data can be tracked, and analyzed using Hexoskin’s app, and there are a wide variety of shirts to choose from. The company already offered shirts for men, and women, and at CES 2015 they introduced lines for kids, and teens. The Hexoskin Junior line is available for $149.99.

CES 2015 sure has a lot of interesting things to show.

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