CES 2016: Fitbit Unveils Their Apple Watch Competitor, ‘Blaze’

Fitbit has become a dominate force in wearable activity trackers, though Apple stole a bit of their thunder with the activity tracking on the Apple Watch. At CES 2016, Fitbit had a response to the Apple Watch with their first wearable that includes a touchscreen color LCD display. The Fitbit Blaze resembles the Apple Watch with interchangeable wrist bands, and a display that is larger than the band. Fitbit isn’t trying to make a smart watch, and instead enhancing their line of fitness trackers.
The Fitbit Blaze doesn’t connect to any third party apps, and instead just focuses on tracking daily sleep, exercises, steps, and calories burnt. There’s also a SmartTrack feature that can automatically detect certain types of exercises. All of the information can be synced to your iOS device, including the on board heart rate sensor. The Blaze does include notifications from your iOS device to show calls, texts, and calendar alerts, and also can control music playback. Fitbit claims five days of battery life for the Blaze.

The Fitbit Blaze is available to pre-order for $199.95, and comes in three colors with small, large, and extra large size options. The wearable is set to launch in March, and you can get additional finer bands at various price points.

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